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~Teamwork, Goal-setting, Peak Performance~

About Chet Snouffer

• Overall World Champion 1985 (Paris); 1989 (Washington DC); 1994 (Tokyo)
• Twelve USA National Championships, 1983, 1987-1996; 2000. Winner US OPEN 1992-1996
• Six World Team Titles (1981, 1987, 1988 Europe, 1988 Australia, 1991, 1994)
• Contributing editor, World Book Encyclopedia.
• Contributing author, Encyclopedia of World Sport.
• Founder, Free Throwers Boomerang Society, an international boomerang organization.
• President, US Boomerang Association 1994-1997. 1999-2000
• Featured on “PM Magazine”, ESPN’s “Amazing Games”, CBS Nightly News, Australia’s “Who”
Magazine, MTV Sports, Sports Illustrated, Adrenaline TV, Men’s Fitness, Ohio Magazine.
• Clients include The Limited Corporation- Structure, Motorola, Liebert, Heintz-Barton Advertising,
National Audubon Society, Alex-Sport (Sweden), US Tennis Association, Columbus, Kansas City,
Indianapolis, and Ft. Wayne Zoos, US Athletes, Ohio Wesleyan University, Fellowship of Christian
Athletes, Boy Scouts of America, schools, businesses, 4-H camps, churches and more!

Programs for Schools

Are you tired of the same old assemblies?
Chet's programs grabs student's interest out of the gate and holds their attention throughout! His dynamic, personable style makes learning fun and gets the students involved in the action. Tailored to meet your needs, targeted to your age group, Chet's assemblies get out there and bring the message home...just like a boomerang!

Goal setting, motivation, team work, secrets of success for any endeavor.
In this signature presentation, Chet shares traits common to all champions. This dynamic program features boomerangs flying and active student and staff participation! Indoors or out, this is the best assembly you'll have all year!

Reading emphasis weeks!
Chet began his boomerang career at age ten after reading an article in Reader's Digest. Now, that curved stick has become his passport to the world! In an age of Nintendo and the Internet, it's important to remember that reading remains an essential key to success!

Australia and Australian culture
- Vivid photos from the Land Down Under
- Radio news flashes from the historic USA-Australia match in 1981- Live didgeridoo music(of course he can play!)
- Awesome displays of boomerang expertise
- $25,000 worth of antique Aboriginal boomerangs and throw sticks on display !
- Aussie sheepskins, Drovers coats, Bush hats, kangaroo skins, more!
- Plus the world champion trophies from Australia!!


Also - Church Banquets, Christian School Chapels, VBS programs, Youth Groups, Special Services, Lay Speaker, Rallies, Picnics, more!

Corporate Programs

Secrets of Success for any endeavor.
Goal setting, motivation, team work . In this signature presentation, Chet shares traits common to all champions. This dynamic program features boomerangs flying and active staff participation! Indoors or out, this is the best program you'll have all year!

Effective communication workshops
In 20 years of coaching, I experienced many humorous situations where what I said was what I got, but certainly not what I meant!! Sometimes poor communication does end up with funny results. Other times, it can blow a business deal right out of the water. In worst case scenarios, poor communication can result in injury or death. Non-strenuous team-building exercises help highlight not only the importance of, but the various means to achieving effective communication . Loosen the tie, kick off the shoes and get ready to get what you want by saying what you mean in the best way possible!

Positive choices and ethics in the workplace
A world champion who has rejected lucrative sponsorship offers from both the alcohol and tobacco industry, Chet shares how positive choices in our daily lives come back to us time and again with rewards beyond the immediate. Chet actively lives the drug-free lifestyle he advocates. While this is a key message in his school programs, Chet has adapted his drug-free message to include ethical behavior and the rewards of selflessness and team thinking to the workplace. Improve your staff morale, behavior, and productivity!

Trade Shows and Conventions!
Putting Chet in your booth at Conventions is a sure-fire way to draw traffic and hold them! Folks stay longer at your display when something active is happening right there. A world champion tossing safe, indoor boomerangs out and back high overhead puts your display "heads and shoulders above the rest! " With his quick wit and engaging personality, Chet draws folks in and holds their attention, all the while tying his outstanding skills to your product and service! Your sales staff is free to focus on answering questions, getting information in their hands, and making the sale! To really make an impression on your potential clients, pass out super-safe, foam boomerangs that REALLY WORK, screened with your logo and slogan. (Seriously, how many bags, mugs and rulers do you need?) Set your services apart from the crowd with the BEST GIVE-AWAY item in the arena! Business will return to you time and again!

Entertaining and Educational Presentations!

Boomerang history, art, sport, science


"Chet Snouffer is the Michael Jordan of the boomerang world. He will be written down in the history books as the greatest boomerang thrower of all time."
~Gary Broadbent, Team USA



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