Dr. Cheryl Leitschuh, Ed.D


Leadership Development Consultant

Dr. Cheryl Leitschuh

Summary of Experience

Dr. Cheryl Leitschuh, Ed.D. is a leadership development consultant and specializes in personal and professional success. She assists companies in achieving their key business objectives by fully capitalizing on a single line of their balance sheet — their human resources potential. She uses powerful programming, assessments and technology to harness and maximize the untapped potential of a company’s human resources assets.

When working with individuals, her typical engagements include developing key leaders and managers, enhancing talent development, developing focus in vision and implementing this vision both personally and professionally. When working with an organization, Cheryl addresses the short-term and long-term business objectives by focusing on human talent development. These projects have focused on conflict resolution, trust management and enhancing team performance.

One of Cheryl’s areas of expertise is working with professional service firms and their technical professionals — lawyers, accountants, engineers and consultants. Her industry expertise includes banking, healthcare and manufacturing.

As a frequent national speaker and television and radio personality, Cheryl speaks on an assortment of topics related to career vision, organizational leadership and enhancing human talent. She has also authored three books: Power Learning: Career Development Strategies That Work; A Structured Mentoring Process and Staying and Standing Women, and has recorded an audiotape. Career Vision: Moving Your Life From Stress To Balance.

Cheryl is a licensed psychologist and holds a doctorate degree in educational psychology and counseling. Her dissertation was “A Descriptive Study of Mentoring From the Perspective of Mentors in Business and Industry."

Popular Seminar Offerings

Career Success       

Career Vision: Moving Your Life from Stress to Balance - We spend more time planning our vacation than our careers. Learn the factors necessary in creating career vision and moving your life from stress to balance


The Changing World of Work - Overwhelmed with change in today's business environment of restructuring and downsizing? This topic suggests a comprehensive framework of the dynamics and human responses to change. Learn not only how to survive but improve with change.


Coaching and Counseling Skills for Managers - Today's workplace requires new skills to enhance human talent and performance. This practical workshop focuses on the skills necessary for the effective manager of the 21st century.
Criticism and Discipline Skills for Managers - Accountability and setting performance standards are critical for individual and organizational performance. Learn how to assess, define and supervise behavior issues to get positive results for the individual and the organization.


Understanding Generational Differences - Never before have we had four different generations with different values and ideas about work. Understand the different perspectives and how they influence relationships and management decisions. Learn what successful intergenerational companies do to create success and understanding between the generations.

Professional Service Firms

Powerful Practice Development: Beyond Numbers and Hours - There is nothing more predictive of success and satisfaction than developing a clear focus for your career, your life and your practice. Yet, nowhere are we taught the factors to consider in defining this critical focus. This interactive workshop will assist in establishing the criteria necessary to develop a successful practice along with tips on effective steps for future development.

Understanding & Managing the Client Relationship - Miscommunication and misunderstanding between the client and the attorney are the main reasons client relationships ultimately weaken and fail. The professional must quickly build his or her skills in the art and science of client relationships.

Rainmaking: Selling Skills for the Non-Sales Professional – Professionals in all areas of professional service firms are faced with increasing competition and the need to enhance their business development skills. Often these skills can be a difficult component of success and advancement for an individual practitioner. This course focuses on understanding the process and developing easy to use strategies that will fit the professional practitioners style and goals.


Balancing Work and Family - So many demands, so many areas, so little time. As we balance the activities of life, sometimes we move from the Balanced Cycle to the Stress Cycle. This workshop focuses on understanding what the Balance Cycle looks like for each participant and the choices necessary to avoid the Stress Cycle.

Succession Planning

With the aging of the “boomer” generation many organizations are facing the issue of identifying and developing leaders for the next generation. Succession planning is a process that requires today’s leaders to examine not only where their organization is today but what will it need to be in the future. How will the competencies and skills of the next generation of leaders need to be different than current leadership? What are the trends and challenges in the next 5 to 20 years and how will they effect the choice and development of future leaders? How will you position your people and your organization to meet the challenges of the future while maintaining the continuity necessary for survival?

Team Leadership

 How to Lead a Team - Learn skills rated "most critical" by veteran team leaders. By understanding and building the practical skills necessary to lead a team, the leader and team experience greater success. This workshop will focus on the practical skills you can implement immediately following this workshop.


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