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"The Original Coach Trainer"

Successfully speaking, training, consulting, and coaching , Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. is a recognized leader in the field of Human Development. Dr. Chérie has been successfully speaking, coaching change & human transitions since 1974.

Hundreds of corporations and associations have been educated, entertained, and fascinated by her exceptional work in motivation, managing change, team building, leadership, customer service, management skills and life balance. Dr. Chérie embodies the principles, tools and techniques that inspire individuals to create tangible results.

Dr. Chérie’s material comes from more than two decades of research, which is condensed into her speeches and books. She is a professional who walks her talk and speaks from real-life experience. Her case histories, anecdotes, and examples of key points come directly from her hands-on support of individuals and organizations on three continents. She truly embodies what she shares with the group.

She connects with her audience in an impressive way. Her remarkable ability to uplift and inspire coupled with her extraordinary facilitation skills will touch the heart of every audience member. She is a powerful storyteller who incorporates high content with fun and humor. Chérie involves her audiences by engaging not only the heart and the mind, but also most of all the spirit. Her tools and techniques have impacted significant audiences around the world, and each participant leaves with at least one action step to deploy beyond the presentation.

Dr. Chérie uses a combination of stories, computer-graphic slides, audience interaction, humor, tools, techniques, Socratic questioning, case histories, data, and statistics. Exercises are conducted in writing, small groups, and dyads. The actual design of her presentations depends on your objectives, time frames and preferences.


If Life Is a Game, These Are the Rules ~ Ten Rules for Being Human

Dr. Chérie's signature speech! These ten rules so resonate with people around the globe that the book has been translated into over 40 languages. Worldwide audiences delight in Dr. Chérie's practical and profound, wise and witty, blend of mainstream and metaphysical truths. Dr. Chérie is a master at making you laugh and cry at the same time. Her life experience provides her with the background, and expertise to touch the hearts of every attendee. She also provides the tools, techniques, and audience participation to engage people of all ages.

If Success Is a Game, These Are the Rules ~ Ten Rules for a Fulfilling Life
Dr. Chérie challenges her audiences to individually define success. She underscores that success is different from fulfillment, which comes from within. As Dr. Chérie walks her audience through the ten universal truths for success, she weaves her life and the stories of other successful people into a mosaic that beckons the audience members to become involved by looking closely at their own lives. With supportive confrontation, Dr. Chérie encourages people to reveal their reality and become empowered to make their dreams come true.

If Love Is a Game, These Are the Rules ~ Ten Rules for Finding Authentic Love
The perfect spousal program that combines Dr. Chérie's style of universal truths, humor, and audience participation. Audience members find themselves nodding, laughing out loud, and elbowing the person next to them. The ten rules show building and sustaining authentic love is a delicate process that requires negotiation and communication. This program is guaranteed to delight the spouses.

Negaholics ~ How to Handle Negativity in the Workplace
If employee morale is uncertain, or unmotivated, if people are searching for direction, or if they lack satisfaction, then Dr. Chérie can help you deal with reorganizing, restructuring, downsizing... all aspects of change management, resistance to change, and helping people buy into the vision for the future. Dr. Chérie helps organizations overcome negativity and profit from it.

Passionate Leadership ~ The Future is Now!
Some leaders are born, others are made, however, Dr. Chérie teaches that leadership is a choice. Choosing to lead others comes with responsibility. The willingness to show up, stand up, and speak up for what you believe in is the challenge of leadership. Authentic leadership calls you to be connected to your essence, to embrace your values, and to embody your principles. Dr. Chérie has always been a leader, ahead of her time, and willing to go the distance.

Teambuilding ~ Teams Aren’t Born, They Are Built!
Teamwork defined as a collection of people who must rely on group
collaboration if the desired outcome is to be achieved. Teamwork is the critical difference between success and all the reasons that explain what happened. The ten qualities of effective teams rings true to anyone who has ever been on a team. The undeniable core is respect, without it, a team cannot be created. Dr. Chérie speaks from experience as one who has built corporate teams in Fortune 500 companies for over 30 yrs.

Change Management ~ Shift from Victim to Victorious
We live in the most turbulent of times. To succeed in this new millennium you must know how to deal with personal change, career change, intrinsic change, and extrinsic change. You need to be able to sort out your options, make choices and decisions, stand behind them, then trust yourself and your colleagues. Dr. Chérie teaches Change Management as an essential survival skill in the world we live in. Her work with Negaholism and the anatomy of choice, commitment, empowerment, and buy-in is groundbreaking and profound.

Customer Service ~ It can be Excellent
In a perfect world everyone would be happy and provide excellent customer service without giving it a second thought. We live in a world where "stuff" happens that we didn't anticipate, and people become stressed, and don't know what to do to get back in balance. Customer service suffers from higher expectations, reduced resources, task-saturation, multiple converging role demands, no time to "be" and the experience of a lack of time, energy or money. Dr. Chérie wrote her dissertation on the relationship between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. Dr. Chérie proved conclusively with her research that there is a direct link!


About Chérie:

I have been working with individuals and organizations through various means, including as a Certified Master Coach and as an Inspirational Keynote motivational speaker, Over 30 years supporting individuals and organizations in making their visions, dreams, and goals become reality.

I believe that the people have their own answers to their life challenges, that they possess the personal power to make those answers become reality, and that people can have their lives become the way they truly desire.

People relate to me because they see that I have not only overcome obstacles by accessing higher powers (spirit) to guide my transitions, but also as a motivational speaker, I present difficult concepts in a manner that the average person can relate to and easily implement.

Our work as Certified Master Coaches bridges the personal with the professional, the masculine with the feminine, process and content, mainstream with metaphysical, the analytical with the intuitive, and the practical and profound. Our work is not didactic but rather, Socratic, helping people live life authentically from the inside out.

As a Master Coach and Inspirational Keynote motivational speaker…I am your mirror for you to discover the lessons that you need to learn. You can get your inspirational needs met through my words, my work, and my teachings.

The universal truths contained in my books appeal to people from all walks of life.

Client Comments:

In an entertaining, insightful presentation, Dr. Carter-Scott gave an uplifting talk that gave us new tools, tricks and buzzwords to overcome negative self talk. We all benefited from your presentation.
- Richard Funess,
Managing Director, Manning Selvage & Lee.

I wanted to extend my sincere thanks for your presentation before the Santa Barbara City College Business and Industry Associates. In looking around the room during your remarks, I had noticed that our audience was locked in rapt attention, hanging on your every word. Our members certainly gained from your remarks and returned to their offices and businesses with something to think about. Again, it was a pleasure to have you join the College for this important event, and I look forward to seeing you on campus again in the near future.
- James Minow,
Associate VP for Development, Santa Barbara City College.

Just a quick note to say your speech today was excellent. You are one of the very best inspirational speakers I have ever heard. From the outset, you captured and maintained everyone’s attention. A number of friends were equally impressed. It is refreshing to see a speaker not promote their own services or products, and your call to action from the audience was very well received. Thank you again for your time and thoughts.

- Randall L. Schweitzer.

On behalf of the Education & Training Committee and the members of the Association of Municipal Court Clerks of California, I would like to thank you for your outstanding presentation at our Southern Spring Conference. I was able to sit in on your “Setting realistic Goals". Not only did I receive useful information, but your demeanor made it thoroughly enjoyable. I have also heard many other enthusiastic comments. Thank you again
- Illona L. Pohlschmidt,
Co-Chair, Association of Municipal Court Clerks of California, Inc..

Thank you for your excellent presentation. The next day some of the members of the group were the applying the techniques you suggested for dealing with their fellow Negaholics. That was one of the specific goals we were trying to achieve for our membership. Everyone agreed that you have been our best speaker of the year!
- Dwayne Warren,
Program Chair, Hughes Fullerton Management Club.

As a New York Times #1 best selling author, If Life is a Game, These are the Rules: The Ten Rules for Being Human has been published in 40 countries with over two million books sold. Dr. Carter-Scott has several other published titles: If Life is a Game These are the Stories, If Love is a Game, If Success is a Game, Negaholics: How To Overcome Negativity and Turn Your Life Around, The Corporate Negaholic: How to Successfully Deal with Negative Employees, Managers, and Corporations, in addition to two self-published books: The New Species: The Evolution of the Human Being and The Inner View: A Woman’s Daily Journal.


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