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Balance or Burnout

One of the greatest challenges for corporations today is to improve its employee's abilities to do more with less—more efficient output from fewer, more effective employees. The challenges for employees is to indeed do more with less, and yet maintain some balance in their lives. More than ever, the skill of balancing multiple responsibilities is essential to ultimate success. Learn how to get off the treadmill destined for burnout, why personal & professional strategic planning is so critical & how to fine tune your decision making, prioritizing, organizational, time/stress/life management skills which are essential to maintaining a healthy balance in your day and your life.

Change Mastery

Most people and organizations dread dealing with change. Whether self initiated or externally imposed, people resist the idea and the process of change, although most want more out of their lives than they are currently getting. The dilemma is we are comfortable with the status quo yet in order to get more out of life, you must change! Times demand it. Celeste will help you learn to Master Change, Discover the Up Side to Downsizing, become skilled at the Art of Risk-Taking and How to Bet on Yourself and Change Your Life!

How to Develop a Winning Spirit

With all things being equal, a person's "spirit" and energy can either set them way ahead of the pack or disqualify them from the race all together. It's that unspoken energy that reflects resolve, determination, zest, courage, optimism, sparkle, & spunk—the magnetism of a winner! Celeste compares her training for and running in the New York City Marathon with training for "the marathon of life" and shows how a winning spirit makes all the difference in the world.

The New Leadership Challenge

Times are changing at breakneck speed and the demands for responsive leadership is greater than ever. Learn the critical components, top secrets and common characteristics of the phenomenally successful leaders of our day and the skills essential for you as a leader of tomorrow.

Unleashing the Power of the Mind

Never before has vivid and unrestricted thinking been so critical to personal and professional survival and success. The massive, constant and radical changes in our globalized world demand more effective ways of thinking and expanded approaches to decision-making and problem solving. Learn to recognize the bonds of your thinking, how to tap your creativity and stretch your imagination to generate new solutions, and create the life you want

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