Cathy Newton


Living in Full Swing

Living in Full Swing

Many people tend to freeze up when faced with what they perceive to be “risky” situations. Saying “no” to risk is comfortable. It’s safe. But it’s not the formula for personal or professional success. Take a new
look at RISK through the captivating energy of CATHY NEWTON.

Cathy speaks to professionals who want to take the right risks for personal growth and to organizations who want to build a risk-taking culture. Through her dynamic programs and infectious enthusiasm, Cathy motivates audiences to live in full swing and stretch themselves farther---handling performance challenges, leadership, or organizational change with confidence.

Maybe you’ve felt like you’ve been pushed off the swing of life…or maybe you just sense that you were meant to swing higher. Either way, Cathy Newton will give you the “lift” you need to reach new heights.


Leading in Full Swing…To Expand Your Leadership and Teambuilding Potential
Did you grow up hearing and believing: Don’t rock the boat? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it? If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen? Those “risk avoidance” mindsets might influence the way you engage in leadership. So FLIP your thinking! Take the right risks to find the rhythm of leadership. This session will teach you how to rock the boat, fix it, and turn up the heat with simple, effective ways to lead in full swing.

Living in Full Swing…To Keep Your Cool in a Crazy World
We live in a crazy world of change, negative people and stress-provoking situations.
What if you could ...welcome change? ...have a positive effect on negative people? ...maintain self control under stress? Wouldn’t you be a happier and more productive person? The ability to KEEP YOUR COOL requires some RISK! Get in the swing and exercise your "risk taking" muscles. Learn practical strategies to build your competencies and boost your emotional fitness.

Being WELL in Full Swing…To Nurture Your Mind/Body/Spirit Connection
Are you seeking a higher level of vitality and personal performance? Do you sometimes feel frustrated with the uncertain elements of your mental, physical and spiritual health? Your wellbeing can either support or sabotage your personal performance. Don’t settle for risk aversion and mediocrity. Get up, get out, and get in the swing of purposeful risk taking. Exercise your “risk taking” muscles and learn practical strategies to nurture your mind/body/spirit connection.

Living in Full Swing…To Generate Positive Energy & A State of Grace
Do you find yourself in everyday situations that cause you to feel…no energy? ...scattered energy?...even ugly energy? Inspiration is the ability to return to your natural positive energy state—the spirit within. Learn how to flex your spiritual muscles through natural highs, creativity and a “be wild!” attitude. Get a power charge to reactivate your connection to INSPIRATION.

Teaching in Full Swing…To Boost Your Performance and Renew Your Commitment
Teaching is a high calling, but with it comes high pressure. Changes in methodology, testing and school safety create a great deal of challenge for educators. Revisit the reasons why you are here---love of learning, legacy, and those incredible POSITIVE hits of emotion that you absolutely cannot get unless you are an educator! Renew your commitment and get back in the full swing of high performance teaching

Cathy’s presentations encourage “living in full swing” and teach participants how to take purposeful risks to develop important competencies:

Innovation – the ability to be change-ready.
Influence – the power to build positive relationships.
Immediacy – the intention to maintain one’s health, well-being and safety.
Integrity – the quality of self-governing one’s emotional state.
Inspiration – the aim to restore one’s natural energy state (the spirit within)

Content is based on Cathy's newest book:  Living in Full Swing, Advantage Media, Charleston SC, 2007.  Cathy will gladly customize a presentation to meet your specific needs or to reflect the conference or meeting theme/purpose.


Cathy will flip your thinking on risk. Cathy is a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, and author who helps professionals take on challenge, improve performance and regain energy through purposeful risk taking. As a former teacher, coach and School District Wellness Coordinator, Cathy studied the concept of risk in detail.  She is the author of three books: Living in Full Swing (Advantage Media, 2007), It Takes Character (Incentive Publications, 2003) and RISK IT! (Incentive Publications, 1996).

What they say about Cathy:

"Cathy Newton delivers on her promises. We had very specific focus areas to cover in a one hour lunch presentation - all of which had to link two groups during the course of the entire day to achieve a unified result. Cathy pleasantly and professionally managed to succeed in this endeavor. Not only did she cover every area of concern for the group, but laced her speech with wit and humor - she managed to relax the attendees, and the interactivity with the crowd was flawless, unforced, and felt comfortable. Cathy also did her homework - comprehended exactly the materials we were to cover for the next 6 months - and meshed them with her trademark humor and vivacity. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Cathy again in the very near future!”
John A. Short, CMP EventPros, Inc.

"We have used Cathy as the kick-off speaker and presenter at our annual spring human resources conference in 2007 and 2008. She is energetic, creative, and engaging. High marks for her presentation skills."
Frank Lazzaro, MO Hospital Assn- HR Conference Chair

Wow! What energy you brought to our Missouri REC Secretaries’ Conference. We were looking for a speaker to close out the conference on a high note and you did. You have the ability of getting attendees involved in your presentation and making interaction fun. Your enthusiasm was catching and made us all ready to take risks.”
Nancy Dunwiddie, Assn of MO Electric Cooperatives

That you so very much for presenting at our Hematology-Oncology Section Retreat. Your energy and enthusiasm were a great way to end the day. The staff came away energized, with some great ideas on how to implement teamwork in our department. Your dynamic presentation style, humorous exercises and straightforward suggestions really made an impact. Your style of presentation was very refreshing!”
Katherine R. Mick, RN, CPON, Education Coordinator, Children’s Mercy Hospitals & Clinics

We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation at our Managers’ Retreat. Your delivery was so engaging that we all agreed that the time just flew by. We really liked your relaxed manner of presentation and the way that you totally involved the audience. By any measure you are a very effective speaker and educator.”
Mary Ecklund, HR Administrator, The Law Firm of Shughart, Thomson & Kilroy

It was such a pleasure to work with you…Although this event is held annually and has included a variety of speakers, you are the BEST! Our counselors said that this year’s event was by far the best Counselor Appreciation Day that they had attended. We owe this accolade to your enthusiasm and providing the participants with an unforgettable presentation and challenge to take purposeful risks.” Charisse Childers, College NOW Director, Arkansas Northeastern College

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