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Catherine Samson  is a Commmunication *Catalyst Customizing her presentations to                                                  meet your specific needs.

*Catalyst: An agent that stimulates or precipitates a reaction, development or change.

In Catherine's presentations the reaction is laughter, inspiration or  Eureka. The development is a better understanding of the human potential and the changes she evokes always encourage wholesome personal growth, success and outlook.

Link up to updated information, great wisdom, an abundance of humour, the spirit of laughter and thinking which will invigorate your mind and your attitude. Learn how to figure which end is up. Tame the Chaos. Solve the Problem.  Encourage health and happiness in the workplace or just have fun and belly laughs with Mrs. M or MonaLee.

Meet Mrs. M, a 99 year old muse who performs a Lively routine Sharing Comical insights about life,work and mental pause.


MonaLee as a Wise & Funny Safety Consultant


Whether it is teamwork, better reporting procedures or a conscientious vehicle driving attitude MonaLee will get the message across with humour and fun.

MonaLee as an After Dinner Speaker can bring hilarity and relaxation to your group event. This Tennessee Charmer can tickle a fancy and a sense of fun as she advises people with common sense and silly sense.

Give your group a lot of belly laughs with customized comedy performances which entertain and deliver a message.

HOW does Catherine do it?

    Either as herself, as  Mrs. M or as MonaLee Catherine tickles  funny bones, imparts knowledge and successfully encourages and gets Total Audience Participation. Catherine uses humour, up to date information ( in communication, self management and wellness physiology), a multitude of hands on ,interactive exercises and unique presentation methods to teach and inspire. Her main tool is Humour.

WHAT can you learn?

    Choose from the following objectives to find what it is you and your group want to learn:

      Learn to connect to the spirit of laughter in all of us so to increase productivity and create a more positive work environment and personal life. Increase your Humor Power.

      Learn Seven Habits to a Healthier and more Humorous You.

      Learn Problem Complex: An Efficient Problem Solving Method which applies to work and life.  

      Learn 26 personality traits of People in order to motivate yourself and others.

      Learn to transform Stress into Useful and Healthy Energy by understanding your unique sensory system.

      Learn that you have what it takes to risk and experience change. Experience ways to nurture self trust and your intuition.

      Learn how to examine your belief system to help you succeed in your life endeavours.

WHO is Catherine Samson?

    She is a humor, laughter and communication specialist, counselor, a workshop facilitator, comedienne, writer, artist and a professional motivational speaker. For decades Catherine has traveled throughout North America speaking to hundreds of businesses, associations, government agencies and health groups as well as lecturing at various universities and Colleges. Trained in a multitude of communication techniques including laughter therapy Catherine understands how vitally important humor, laughter and effective communication  are in assisting human beings to survive and thrive. Owning and managing two businesses has taught her how to survive the roller coaster of economics and social change. She has co created and implemented a Hospital Humor Cart, counselled palliative care patients and has taught behaviourally disturbed children. Catherine walks her talk. She has learned to live life fully. Catherine has jumped out of planes, taught in Central America, played with elephants and has handled a python or two in her life.

About Her Clients

    Catherine has facilitated and presented to thousands of  Corporate and Government employees. She presents as a  Keynote Speaker and as well she facilitates workshops which always leave her audience refreshed, inspired, enlightened and most importantly of all laughing. Some Clients who have relished her words are:

      Southwestern Bell , Texas, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, Syncude, Canada Rotary Club Southern California District Meeting, Canadian Real Estate Association Canadian Payroll Association, PCL Constructors Management Inc.,Trans Mountain Pipeline Company, Government of Canada, Human Resources,Government of Canada, Correctional Services, Workplace Safety Insurance Board, Alberta Human Resources and Employment, Consulting Engineers of Alberta, Home Building Associations, Credit Unions Regional Health Authorities, Ontario Addiction & Assessment Services,Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation, Canadian Mental Health Corporation,British Columbia Crime Prevention Association


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