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Internationally Recognized
Body Language Expert

Motivational/Keynote Speaker
and Media Personality

Captivating Keynotes

Carolyn brings a dynamic and fun approach to each of her interactive customized presentations. You will be informed, entertained and energized in a flash with Carolyn’s creative storytelling and style. Her knowledge will inspire and motivate you. She will provide you with a wealth of information and practical activities for self-empowerment: to speak up, speak out, and take action to improve your health, performance and success.


Carolyn has worked with Fortune 500 Companies and traveled for Dunn and Bradstreet’s Educational Services as a trainer. Carolyn uses her experience in Speech Pathology, Kinesiology and Nutrition to enlighten her audiences on the Body/Brain Connection. Some of her Satisfied Clients include: State Farm Insurance, Kimberly Clark, Duracell, The American Heart Assoc., IBM., Southington Alzheimer’s Center, Mensa and a variety of other national and state association conferences and health expos.

Carolyn’s media experience ranges from TV, which includes The Ellen DeGeneres Show, VH1 Red Carpet Special, CNBC News to a variety of radio, magazine and news interviews. She is most recently featured with Dr. Bernie Siegel, Dr. Earl Mindell and Dr. Norman Rosenthal in the newly released book “Dynamic Health” August 2006

Additional experience:
College professor in the Speech and Theatre Departments at Post University, Waterbury, Connecticut…..Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, Ct. and Elmira College, Elmira New York. Courses taught included: Presentation Skills, Non Verbal Communication and Interpersonal Communication.

Licensed: Speech/Language Pathologist, Pre-school Educator, Brain Gym Instructor®
Certified: Applied Kinesiologist, Reflexologist and Early Child Interventionist.

Book Publications:
Socks Says, The Wellness Path, Reading the Body for Wellness, 26 Electrific Solutions for Presenting to 1 or 1000, Creative Innovators and Universal Handtalk: A Survival Sign System, Dynamic Health

Articles in Magazines, Newspapers, and Newsletters include: Health and the Body/Brain Connection, Presentation Techniques and Communication skills.

Popular Presentations on Body Language

Oops! Your Body Language is Showing – How to be professional, sincere and honest
The Healthy Entrepreneur – Mental, Emotional & Physical Balance
Lightning Language for Great Sales – Your Body Language moves in a flash and speaks louder than your words!
How to Give a Thumbs Up Presentation – 5 easy steps for preparing & presenting ideas to one or one thousand!
Dynamic Health for Dynamic Children – The care and feeding of children so they live beyond 40

Other popular Presentations:

Body Language In The Work Place
Reading Body Language Any Time, Any Place, AnyWhere
How to read Body Language for Dynamic Health
Body Language for Peak Performance

Participant Comments

“There was nothing but rave reviews from those who attended the program. Your presentation was highly informative and enlightening and you left your audience wanting more.”
Edward Azif ……..Meeting on the Hudson

“There is little doubt that everyone in attendance found what you had to say fascinating”
Mitch Sorenson ……….. Printing Industry Association

“Your very interactive presentation on Safety, Healthy Nutrition and You was stimulating, fun and extremely informative.”
Toni Nabolz …………… Business and Professional Women

“You have such a diverse background and education and it was interesting to hear how you apply that knowledge in so many different settings.”
Betty Ann Foy ……….CT Psychological Association

“Your contribution had a lot to do with the success of this year’s Academy which, by the way, received the best rating from a record number of attendees of any in the past.”
Don Waskom …………State Farm Insurance Companies

“She was dynamic, exciting and very knowledgeable. She knows how to keep her audience involved, I recommend her without any reservation.”
George Tomka ……………ELCH

“We recommend Carolyn Finch as a speaker who will work closely with organizations and solicit their advice to put together a highly professional speech suited to the audience and venue.”
R. D’Amico & J. Mizera ……………….Southern CT Mensa


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