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Carla Woody is the author of the book Calling Out Spirits Home: Gateway to full Conciousness, as well as articles on holistic healing. She has long been leading both individuals and groups toward Mind/Body/Spirit wholeness using such integrative methods as NLP, artistic expression, guided imagery and subtle energy work, all blended with the mysticism of world traditions. Through her own seeking, Carla has become a keen observer and practitioner of life's possibilities. Her study and practice of spiritual traditions has taken her to various sites in the US, England, North Africa, India, Peru and Mexico. Her travels, along with her learning focus and experiences with diverse populations, have allowed her a deep understanding of the human condition.

It is this spirit and her own spiritual evolution that Carla has brought to her writing and work with people. During their time together, her clients have healed themselves of such psychospiritual diseases as depression, osteoarthritis, hypertension, TMJ, along with other challenges.

Carla founded Kenosis to educate and support those who are on the path of deepening their lives and in the awakening of spiritual emergence. She is also a visual artist and lives in the mountains above Prescott, Arizona.

The only sacrifice is the one we have mistakenly made, the segregation of our equally powerful sides. The disowning of the Feminine Spirit and the balance it brings to its Masculine counterpart is what is bringing the Web of Life to her knees.

The Tao says, "When opposites no longer damage each other, both are benefited through the Tao. Therefore, the wise identify the opposites as one, and set an example for the World."

This is our work.


Calling Our Spirits Home is truly an enllghtening guidebook for anyone looking for directions & tools for expansion, growth & transformation. Help yourself with this book and you will find your way home.
— Malidoma Some
                                                                     Author of Of Water and the Spirit

As people increasingly search for something more in our times, awakening toward spiritual consciousness has become prevalent. In that sparking, seekers often find themselves in the middle of something that turns their lives upside down with few people to turn toward for guidance through an often ecstatic, albeit confusing maze of possibilities. This book provides a look at the process that typically emerges for Everywoman and Everyman in that unfolding. Uniquely blending real-life examples, storytelling, mythology, world spiritual traditions and transformational modalities, it provides insights and tools for every phase of the journey.

.a wonderful amalgamation of spiritual wisdom for which I am grateful to have as a 'flashlight' to illuminate the course on those dark nights seeking  wisdom & guidance. — Areader from Prescott, Arizona


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