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My name is Burt Teplitzky, but you already know my name—it’s the bottom line on all eye charts. But perhaps more impressively, you may know me as the CEO of Comedy, a title I’m proud to have earned (it’s my site so I’m entitled to brag). I'm also:  

• An author

• Former managing partner of the World Famous IMPROV Comedy Club’s Education/Corporate Training Division

• Former successful licensee for the IMPROV Comedy traffic School (if you’ve never heard of us, you’re either a very good driver—or have never gotten caught)

• Top salesperson at a prestigious Beverly Hills real estate firm

• A stand-up and corporate comedy performer

• A three-time Dale Carnegie graduate assistant

• A four-time Carnegie Deli customer

I’m the guy that knows how to combine information, selling methods, and humor. Over the past 20 years, over 500,000 consumers (and counting) have purchased a product that uses my exclusive Punch-Point Benefit Formula for delivering information and humor or have attended my comedy traffic school classes.


This section is for all major CEOs, CFOs, speakers, top sales executives, sales managers, Girl Scout sales managers (how can you say no to those?) and national speakers! As a former CEO, sales manager, trainer, and motivator for companies and my own multi-million dollar company, I understand how important it is to deliver key information during both training sessions and general meetings for all employees.

Humor works in business! Using humor during a sensitive talk can prevent employees from ganging up on you and filing a class action suit—or beating you up. When telling employees that there will be no profit sharing this year, light-hearted comments that convey empathy are appreciated (although they would still rather have their money, even if it comes out of your salary or bonuses). I found that you don’t need to use humor when offering someone a raise or a promotion— imagine that! I will train and coach you on my unique (that means legally protected) system I developed called the Punch-Point Benefit Formula. This ensures that your individual or group message will be funny, relevant, and appropriate for the audience.


Here's How it Works:

Increased attention

Humor integrated into important information acts as a kind of mental calisthenics, putting your audience’s mind on alert and anticipating the next bit of information. Soon the audience feels they might be rewarded with another piece of humor that reinforces the message. Ronald Reagan (remember him? He didn’t even remember him) was excellent at this. Humor helped Reagan and other presidents become elected or re-elected. Of course, presidents have skilled teams of writers working for them, but now you can, too!

Easier to Understand

Concepts that are technical or difficult to understand can be simplified by using humorous stories or images. For example, when explaining why it’s important for salespeople to get their unpleasant tasks out of the way first and then proceed to more favorable ones, you might say, “If you must swallow a frog, don’t look at it too long.” The point? Get it over with! The message? Remembered—thanks to a unique analogy. Sell It with Humor has done the work for you and created numerous humor gems to make any situation funny and dynamic.

Increased Retention

Have you ever met someone new who told you his or her name and then told you a joke? Chances are, you remembered the person’s name thanks to the memorable joke. Information with humor attached is more likely to be remembered, so we’ve attached funny, relevant, and appropriate humor to your messages so they’ll stick. The bottom line? By “anchoring” humor around important messages, your point is retained longer, eliminating the need for constant harping or reiteration. This Sell It with Humor approach reduces additional sales training if you’re training and increases sales if you’re selling!


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