Dr. Bruno Cortis, M.D., FACC


Speaker, Cardiologist and Author

Transforming stress into power

Dr. Bruno Cortis is a renown health and wellness speaker, cardiologist and author.

Dr. Bruno Cortis, M.D., FACC, is a Diplomat and Fellow of the American Board of Cardiology with over 30 years of experience.

He delivers empowering and life changing seminars on health and wellness promoting spiritual values for a balanced life. His presentations include Transforming Stress Into Power and The Spiritual Heart.

As the CEO and founder of Mind Your Health, Inc., a health strategy and management consulting firm, he has given presentations to audiences on five continents.

Luminaries such as Drs. Deepak Chopra, Bernie Siegel and Larry Dossey have endorsed his highly acclaimed books, Heart and Soul and The Spiritual Heart. He has 80 articles published and has appeared on the Phil Donahue Show as well as talk shows across the United States, Canada and South America.

Dr. Cortis is also Assistant Professor of Medicine at Rush Medical School in Chicago. He speaks three languages.

About Dr. Cortis

Dr. Bruno Cortis is a Diplomat and fellow of the American Board of Cardiology. He was trained at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York.

Author: His best selling books, Heart and Soul and The Spiritual Heart, have been acclaimed by luminaries such as Doctors Deepak Chopra, Bernie S. Siegel and Larry Dossey. Dr. Cortis has over 76 published articles.

Media Appearances: Dr. Cortis has been interviewed on various television talk shows as "The Phil Donahue Show" and many radio stations in the US, Canada and South America

Businessman: Founder of the Exceptional Heart Patient Program, an organization dedicated to the prevention and healing of heart disease. He is also the CEO of Mind Your Health, a health strategy and management consulting firm.

Research: In addition to pioneering research in angioscopy and laser angioplasty, Dr. Cortis has done in-depth interviews of heart transplant recipients and has learned how their persona could be influenced by the donor.

Teacher: Dr. Cortis is Assistant Professor of Medicine at Rush Medical School.

Seminar Leader: Dr. Cortis has spoken to a variety of audiences on five continents. His mission is to promote wellness and spiritual values for successful living. He is a highly regarded professional speaker for his heartfelt messages. Dr. Cortis touches his audiences deeply, reaching their hearts and minds. He inspires people to create true change.

Dr. Bruno Cortis, renown Health and Wellness Speaker, Presents:


Seminar description:
Within our body lie two domains: the mind and the heart. The mind is primarily a reactive system driven by the unsatisfied need of the ego for power and control. Our mind is materialistic. It seeks independence and is judgmental and impatient.
The heart, in contrast is driven more by spiritual concerns, by love. Our heart seeks connectedness, self-expression, and fulfillment of our deepest needs in life.
If you take care of your heat and listen to it, it will take care of you. The result will be not only a reduction in your chances for heart disease, but an increased awareness
of your deeper purposes in life.

· To know your heart
· To communicate with your heart
· To use your heart intelligence
· To see through the eyes of your heart

Transforming Stress into Power

A fundamental need in our lives is to achieve power and control over our selves and the environment. The reality of daily life challenges our ability to fulfill these needs. Learn how to make stress work for you, not against you.

This empowering seminar discusses:

· How your personality creates your stress perception
· Uncovering secrets of stress management
· The learning and practice of meditation
· How to turn stress into power

We all need peace, love, and a fulfilled life. This seminar will show a pathway to achieve this desire and the way is through your spiritual heart, living in your heart.

Here’s what people are saying about Dr. Cortis

“Dr. Cortis is an exceptional individual who touches the hearts of people through his compassion and love. He has stepped out and forward in the field of Medicine by adding the dimension of Spirituality.”
Rev. Richard Billings
Unity Church of Oak Park, IL

“What a superb presentation! Words simply cannot express to you my great appreciation for the excellent conference. Simply stated, I have never seen my colleagues so captivated by a presentation and I hope that you sensed how very much everyone enjoyed it.”
Arthur J. Ross, III M.D.
Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics
University of Wisconsin Medical School

“Dr. Cortis, you are a beautiful speaker with a great ability to create open discussions with the audience. Your approach to health through connecting mind and body is a guide to the power the mind has on healing and well-being.”
M. Linda Hanes, RN
Cardiac Rehabilitation Department, Community Hospital, Munster, IN

“The feedback on your lectures has been wonderful. You helped and touched a great many people with your warm and sincere approach.”
D.A. Mercado, DPM
Illinois Podiatric Medical Association

“It is rare to see a talk from a medical doctor who emphasizes the importance of spiritual health as well as physical and emotional health, and then teaches us out to meditate both to lessen stress and to find peace and the Divine within. Your gentleness, love and concern for the people in the audience spoke as much as your words.”
Nancy Huber,
Director of Deaf Religious Education, Chicago Archdiocese

“I heard from several of our medical staff who told me how much they enjoyed your presentation and that it reminded them “what medicine was all about”. To get that kind of response from our medical staff is a sign of great success.”
E.W. Huffstutler, Jr., Director of Pastoral Care
Southern Baptist Hospital, New Orleans


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