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Bria Simpson, with a Masters in psychology, is a life coach, author, parenting specialist, columnist for Parent & Child magazine, editor for Womens Radio and has appeared on over 25 radio and television shows. Her passion is speaking to working moms to help them balance their lives at home so they can be happier and more productive at work.

Life Coach, Parenting Specialist and Speaker

According to American Psychologist, workplace stress costs companies an estimated $50-$300 billion in lost job productivity each year. As confirmed in numerous studies, working moms experience the highest levels of stress. Undoubtedly, high stress at home contributes to workplace stress and loss of productivity at work.

For these reasons, Bria Simpson, MA, a life coach, parenting specialist, mother of three, and author of The Balanced Mom- Raising Your Kids Without Losing Your Self, offers keynote speeches and professional development seminars to companies. In her presentations, Bria provides working mothers with specific ways to find balance at home. The result is an employee who is less stressed, more focused and more productive at work.

In her “Balancing Work and Motherhood” talk, Ms. Simpson, helps ease the strain on moms by teaching them how to:

* Prioritize their non-working hours
* Ditch “mommy guilt” and perfectionism
* Share the load and simplify at home
* Exercise when there isn’t any time and
* Maintain close relationships with their kids

so they are more focused, energized, and productive at work!

Bria’s talks are typically 60-90 minutes, depending on your needs. She is also available, during this time, to answer personal employee challenges.



Do You Want More Balance?

Yes, it is possible! Come to an interactive workshop to learn how to:

· Connect with your true values
· Feel great about your work and put guilt in the graveyard
· Gain control over your time and say no with confidence
· Ditch mommy perfection
· Share the load
· Nurture yourself wisely
so you can enjoy the peaceful, balanced life you deserve!

For all parents:

While taking great care of yourself!

In this workshop, Bria teaches you how to:

* Connect with your true values
* Encourage age-appropriate independence
* Share the load
* Avoid overindulging and over scheduling
* Protect quality family time
* Nurture yourself wisely

so you can raise confident, caring and capable kids and still be good to yourself!


Here is what moms say about Bria’s talks:

"Bria's visit was highly-anticipated, and she did not disappoint. Mothers relate to her, and this fact, coupled with Bria's extensive experience, is why her presentations are a success".
—Amy Carr

"I think we may have set a record for the numbers of moms who came to our meeting to hear you speak! You're presentation on being a "balanced mom" was extremely helpful, practical, and informative!
—Christy Kearney

“We covered so many meaningful and thought provoking topics in one hour. I feel rejuvinated and motivated to make the necessary changes in my life to be well-balanced. Thank you!"
—Carol Guzzo

"Bria's workshop helped keep me focused on my values. I left feeling energized, re-focused and empowered!"
—Laura Given



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