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Having spent seventeen years as a marriage and family therapist, Dr. Brenton G. Yorgason is a nationally noted keynote speaker. Founder of The Lighthouse Institute, he addresses organizations on the topic of CAPTURING YOUR DREAMS: Experiencing Change from the Inside Out. He is also a part-time instructor at Brigham Young University.

Dr. Yorgason received a PhD in family studies and marriage and family therapy. In addition to motivational speaking and personal guidance as a life balance coach, he has authored or co-authored over eighty books. Twenty-five of these have been biographies. One of the books he co-authored, The Thanksgiving Promise, was produced into a made-for-television movie by Disney Studios.


"Experiencing Change from the Inside Out"

Two best-selling books to be sold with Keynote Presentation or Seminars:
1. CAPTURING YOUR DREAMS: 6 Disciplines that will Transform Your Life and Leadership

These disciplines are:
1. Accepting the Command
2. Discarding the Masks
3. Removing the Rust
4. Feeding the Flame
5. Harnessing the Heart
6. Embracing the One

Using the Six-Discipline Model of Personal Leadership, this book is a primer on life. It is the foundation for our work.

2. PARADISE CREEK: A Compelling Story of Life's Triumphs

This fictional story is a statement on life and personal leadership. It is to be read from the heart and will inspire you to live in a more fulfilling manner.


FORMAT OPTIONS: Can be given (a) in an evening, (b) two morning sessions, or (c) morning and afternoon sessions.

This Personal Leadership Seminar, offered by Brenton G. Yorgason, Kathy L. Smith, Mary Stosich and/or Associates, teaches attendees how to modify and maximize their desired leadership potential. With a focus on increasing personal and professional productivity, reducing stress, and managing life forces, the company's copyrighted Model of Core Value People-Building provides an insightful forum for increasing individual life balance and enhancing the cultural quality of an organization. Seminar outline available upon request.


Coaching services are primarily suited to corporate leaders in a one-on-one format. Dr. Yorgason and/or Mary Stosich will establish a weekly telephone session. The objective will be to help a leader make personal changes to accomplish the following concepts discussed in the six secrets "how to" book outlined above:
1. Write and incorporate a Personal Life Creed
2. Increase personal and professional productivity
3. Reduce levels of stress
4. Internalize personal and relationship integrity
(Includes relationship management issues)
5. Assist in overcoming addictions and debilitating behaviors
6. Enhancing professional hygiene
7. Achieve behavior/value congruence through conscience-driven discipline

Brenton G. Yorgason's Books

6 Disciplines that will Transform Your Life and Leadership
By Brenton G. Yorgason

After authoring or co-authoring over 80 books, with total sales of well over one million copies, Dr. Yorgason brings to his reading audience his definitive statement on managing life. The information contained in this book are the foundation for The Lighthouse Institute. The Six Disciplines are as follows:

* Discipline 1: Accepting the Command
Learning how to take charge of life
* Discipline 2: Discarding the Masks
Becoming "real" or authentic
* Discipline 3: Removing the Rust
Eliminating problems and negative moments from the past
* Discipline 4: Feeding the Flame
Learning to live life with passion and purpose
* Discipline 5: Harnessing the Heart
Learning to maximize personal potential
* Discipline 6: Embracing the One
Understanding and implementing relationship strategies
to include co-worker, partner, children, family and friends

"What a beautiful book! From the first page you feel caring and affirmation. A lifetime of wisdom, insights, and practical counsel from the brilliant mind and heart of one who has been 'around the block' many times. You're in for an absolutely fascinating and inspiring journey!"
Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

A Compelling Story of Life's Triumphs
By Brenton G. Yorgason

This novel is about life, as viewed by two aging "new" sweethearts. Read on several levels, it becomes the perfect compliment to the previous book, CAPTURING YOUR DREAMS.

This fictitious story is set in Paradise, Kansas in 1953. Aging spinster Ida May Miner has spent her entire 76 years caring for her blind sister, Blanch. Blanch has just died and Ida is left alone to survive her last years in a non-caring village that is anything but Paradise! Then along comes 78-year-old widower Hy Vincent, a newcomer who is searching for love...and for peace.

Come to Paradise in this timely, timeless moment in time and experience the miracle that takes place in the lives of these two charming people. Each has much to offer the other, as well as to the reader. A must-read novel of love, life, and caring.


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