Stories of Hope© by Speakers
Summer, 2009

Dear speaker, teacher, trainer or toastmaster:

As the author of a brand new book—released recently worldwide by Penquin/USA—I have learned in my 32 years as a speaker, marketer of speakers, and author a great deal about publishing. I have a great and important profit-producing idea now to present to you. …

I hereby invite you to submit a chapter for a new book, an anthology, that will be published in early 2010 if all goes as planned. (more books later) Are you familiar with the creditability and other benefits to you gained from being a published author? I could have been included in the first and second editions of the world famous Chicken Soup for Soul© book series… I regret that I thought I was too busy at the time to respond to my friend Mark Victor Hansen’s offer to participate. You wise to consider now…

Everyone loves stories and everyone needs hope. I don’t think I need to prove these facts.

Can you see a million people purchasing a new book with you as the co-author! or contributor?

Stories of Hopeful Living for More Success!

(Subtitle of last book in series and probable new title. )

How many people do we have in the world? This is the starting point for the market for this great new book, and you can be one of the co-authors! Realize… everyone has had teachers and everyone needs great teachers—teachers like you! Professional speakers can be the very best of teachers. And, storytellers and writers.

You can earn money as a participating author in this new book project and if that doesn’t motivate you consider that you can leave a more lasting and positive legacy.

Before I give you the details about your participating allow me to tell you about my inspirations for this book. On Memorial Day I visited graves of several of my deceased loved ones to decorate those grave sites along with my dear 90 year old mother.

I was okay when we visited my Dad’s grave site—he was a journalist by training, and an award winner at that. I was okay when we visited his parents’ graves. And my grand-fathers three brothers graves did not shake me much either, I said a prayer with my mother, an elementary teacher for 35 years, at the grave location. (My mother in-law has a Doctorate Degree in education and taught at all levels.) Okay now…

We then got in the car and traveled to the second of three locations in the gigantic Wesley Glenn Cemetery on Dublin Road near Hilliard, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. Next we visited my Uncle Ned, Uncle Paul and my Cousin Larry’s grave sites—still I was okay. Close by to these sites was a marker for another uncle and aunt, they celebrating 70 years of marriage this year, but both are still going strong—they are prepared with their site!

Now, thirdly and lastly, we got back into the car and went to the front of the cemetery where the oldest graves are located. Here we encountered my great-grandparents graves, and my mother’s parent’s grave sites. It was here on the ground planting flowers next to the grave stone of my grandparents that it hit me how short life really can be. Consider:
(And wisely take time to reflect on your life and your ancestors)

My grandparents lived to age 105 and 95 and were married to each other for 73 years (not months). I realize I have a hundred stories I could share about these two that inspire hope especially my grandmother who like my mother was a teacher. Grandma died on December 15, 1993 nine days before another mentor of mine died, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. You may be more familiar with Dr. Peale than Myrtle and Claude Bynner. All super great people… great storytellers … super terrific speakers! Speakers need to write books!

I dedicate the new book (title on page one in bold) to all my terrific mentors. And… to your mentors too if you participate as a co-author in this new book project. Now please… take a few moments to also consider…

You can read about my new CIG book under Books at and you can purchase a copy if you have not already—table of contents is on the Books pages. But that is not why I write you this IMPORTANT letter, a letter than can be the most important letter you receive this year, a letter that I think is the most important letter I write this year. Your positive legacy can be enhanced, and profits earned.

Yes, if you participate in what I have in mind which I share with you now in a humble spirit of prayer and anticipation I think you will be forever grateful. Now, if you are the skeptical type, and simply think I am trying to sell you something you need not read further. I assure you I would never offer you something if I did not think it would be a blessing to you and to others too. Your future both in this life and in the life to come, mine too, is too important to mess around. And your time/money is something you need to preserve and invest wisely, just like I do with "mine". (Actually we are only stewards.)

How old are you?—that’s okay you need not tell me. At my age I realize I am behind in writing 50 great books like did Dr. Peale. Certainly you are familiar with his The Power of Positive Thinking and the worldwide magazine that he founded along with his wife of about 70 years (Ruth Stafford Peale). Guideposts Magazine is a worldwide success sharing HOPE to millions. Now…

Whether you are a Catholic or Protestant Christian or a person of another faith I am providing you a great vehicle for you to get your messages out about how people have impacted your life and more importantly, what are the lessons learned from that which you can share with others to benefit more people!

You may be an award winning speaker like we have featured on our website at like Dr. Debra Peppers and others who have won national awards for excellence. But regardless of your background this is a super great opportunity for you.

Whether you have won awards or not is not important; it may be time to share your stories that can help change more lives than the 30 kids a teacher has at most in her or his classroom every year. Whatever kind of career you may have now can impact many more people each year; but let’s face it, don’t make the contributions we would like, we don’t really benefit as many lives as we could if each person you know got your book, featuring you as a contributor.

Please consider that writing is a gift, it is a skill you develop. Some of us are more dedicated than others. What level of dedication do you have today?

If you can muster maybe five total hours of time to write seven to ten pages for a chapter in this new book it can have a long lasting effect and affect on thousands of people for years to come. Books are something great, you know that! Books are something that you can leave behind. Books can make a positive long term difference/impact. Book Chapters(or a page essay) written by you like I am proposing to you today are easy to do—I am making it easy for you!

Plus, you can earn a profit with this book when you write a chapter for…

Stories of Hopeful Living for More Success Interested? Please read more that follows…

Please realize… I am a mentor and – a dedicated speaker who as an author is praying/working diligently to make a difference in this world. We are all in this together! I hope to create a team of great people like you; whether you are a mentor or not, a speaker or not, you have had great mentors in your life that you can write about. Tell your story!

But if you won’t take the time to read this and to consider it I know you probably would not take a few hours to write a great chapter for this book. I skipped the opportunity given to me to write stories for the first two Chicken Soup for the Soul© books offered to me by Mark Victor Hansen. Don’t skip over this offer!

We will edit your pages for you if you are selected as one of the finalists for the NEW book. Who knows! We may get 100 people who want to write a chapter or at least contribute a one page story If you are not interested in this project or have no time now at minimum ask us to notify you later.

Stories of Hope©

Okay, you want more details now? I want to provide those to you and do as follows…

Please see details under BOOKS on our website at Immediately after the promo on the CIG book… look for


Stories of Hope!(c)

Now for complete details… please … read the following…

Stories of Hope© will touch so many people; (1) help people win in their lives much more so. And, as a result (2) you will win in some BIG ways too if you are one of the few participating terrific speakers these books. I hope we have a sequel with simply II after the current title. What do you think? (3) I win only if you win!

If you would prefer I email you or mail you more details okay (phone 614-841-1776)… but if you are truly interested, please, keep reading. Thank you.

I am attracted to YOU otherwise you would not have this letter and be reading it. This some people label the “Law of Attraction”. You may have read the book The Secret by some of my author/speaker friends—this helps explain what I mean, it is a principle for success that I have spoken about for over 25 years I have called at times, “The Law of Mental Magnetism”. These labels describe God’s natural laws. Use it or loose it!

Teachers and/or Mentors are, many believe, the greatest gifts God has ever given us. Think about it! Think about teachers! Teachers who have impacted and benefited your precious life! And, professional speakers are THE VERY BEST OF TEACHERS.

Jesus was and is the #1 Mentor to billions of people worldwide. When you reflect on how you gained hope, for your chapter readers would prefer you talk about your life and whom you have met eye to eye in your life. Don’t you agree? But let it flow like I do here.

Starting with my first book written in this same analogy format for another publisher in 1980 I wrote about mentors who provide hope. That book is out of print now but you can find it in some libraries: Those Marvelous Mentors©. I know first hand how books last and benefit.

Okay, here is what is needed from you ASAP…

And by the way, if you can't get the five pages written soon, do so by January 1; submit at least one to three pages and email to me with a cover note that you want considered. Okay?
Thanks. Email:

If you are selected then you can decide if you want one of the following options… we need the decision ASAP from the top 30 to be included. I sent out one email only and got nearly 30 responses already before sharing the following. I want to be right up front with you, okay? Is that wise? Well many marketing people don’t tell you the financial commitment until you are hooked on the idea… hey I wrote earlier that you MUST WIN before I win, I am serious about that.

I will not include your chapter in the new HOPE book unless you meet some of our criteria. Answer some of these questions in your book chapter for Stories of Hope©…

  1. What is your first recollection of a Mentor in your life? Who? When? How?

  2. Which Mentor or Teacher impacted your life the most? Why do you think so?

  3. As an adult, can you name speakers/mentors who have influenced you?

  4. Maybe you had one or two mentors that have been so significant that you can share about him/her?

  5. Are you a great speaker or teacher? Share your “secrets to success”. Any topic!

  6. How do you learn best? Who has given you hope? Can you give hope ?

  7. Are you writing to appeal to all learner types? Everyone needs to love to read your stories not just other speakers, etc. Understand?


By the way--this may be important to some of you...this book will be copywrighted as a whole for use worldwide in distribution BUT the material you write is yours, and you are free to use it elsewhere as you see fit too. And, we will give full credit in the book if your material is used.


St. Francis of Assisi had many great writings but one I share now is… “Seek not so much to be understood but to first understand.” Just the act of writing your few pages will benefit you a great deal. It can and probably will help you to understand yourself, your past, your prior teachers and more how to be a blessing to others in the future. Do it now!

If your 1-10 pages for the new book is accepted here is what also is required of you. One of these minimum (see next page too for another option)… Read all of this to understand properly…

You can purchase 500 books up front for $4000; 400 books for $3500; 300 books for $3000. Which will it be? Or just do a one page story and get 30 books. Look at the first 24 contributors to our first Hope Book to see who got what.

Now the book will retail for $19.95 so you invest (this is not a cost or expense) at the most $10 each and you can easily sell these and double your investment. In the 2nd printing you can purchase more or less or none. But to make this work we need to do a minimum of 6000 authors = 9000 books and we intend to purchase 7000+/- books so we can drive this book hard so it CAN become a… NATIONAL BEST SELLER! How is that possible? PEOPLE NEED THIS BOOK! They need hope! They need your stories!

—Read on please…

Each person helps distribute the book so you have (in addition to our company distributing books) 29 other speakers selling your message and our company selling your message with your contact info… thousands of new people learn about YOU!

There is an art to creating books that makes it to the NY Times best-sellers list. I am personally writing one chapter for the book myself! I will do exactly what I am asking you to do. I invest $4000 of my own money and I will be investing money from our company, Professional Speakers Bureau International. You can learn about us more at if not familiar with our company or me.

Now realize please…

Your phone number and email (and your website if you want) will be included in all books, your photo too if possible. Truly this is the best sales calling card YOU can create to promote and create win/win/win situations. You win BIG!

Do I need to tell you another hundred reasons to participate in this project? If so it may not be for you but do consider these other options too as follows… please…

Write only one page about your favorite teacher(s) lessons about hope with an application for the reader—give them HOPE—and if your page is included you need only purchase 20 books at $11 each; they must be pre-purchased before the first printing. You in turn can still offer the book to others at $20 each and make profit. Or, you can use the book as part of your positive legacy and give books to your family. (We are also thinking about a hard bound edition of the book that would retail for $29.95.)

Here is another BIG reason to participate in this project… please consider…

We are considering offering to each author a customized inside cover with YOUR PICTURE on the cover, would you like that? When I participated in my first anthology book with Dottie Walters as the publisher in 1980 it was a BIG leap of faith for me to pre-purchase 500 books like I did in 1980 but I sure was glad I did so!

I sold one client 100 books very soon after receiving my 500 and wished I had agreed to pre-purchase more! That client provided books to their managers and the book went to about 20 different countries after my speaking engagement in Chicago. You can do the same. This is how you create clients internationally and make a profit by your marketing effort—and as you can read earlier in this letter, you will have our company and 29 other authors, at minimum helping to promote the book, and therefore promoting YOU.

Furthermore, like the Chicken Soup for the Soul© book series we will do all possible to get these books into book stores worldwide and we will have second, third printings if all goes well. (You need not purchase more books or could later too, optional.)

If you are ready… send me an initial email that you are working on your chapter. Then I will attempt to offer you additional helps.ThomLisk@TerrificSpeakers.comThanks!

I have received feedback from several speakers in the past few weeks when the first version of this letter was sent out. We will be following up with those people further soon, or if you are one of them contact us ASAP.

I have a couple of completed chapters already from two super great speakers. Thank you both! We are a little behind on our original date projections but I think now we can hope for this book to be published in early 2010 if speaker authors respond soon. Each approved author will get updates directly by email. This letter is informational and not considered legally binding but certainly is an accurate representation of this project. I have a history of completing what I start—you can count on me! Can I count on you?!?—get in touch with us about this book project ASAP.

If you have questions, comments or ways to improve this project please let us know.

God bless you!

For Stories of Hope©, Sincerely yours: Thom A. Lisk, BA, LHD, CSE

Phone: 614-841-1776


**You can sell books 100 at a time to your clients! Have faith! It will be easy to sell hundreds of these books and get your return on investment plus help so many people, and in addition generate speaking clients as a result.



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