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MORE GROSS PROFIT - 90 Psychological Laws of Selling and Persuasion That Will Turn You Into a Master Sales Person In 13 Weeks…

~ More Sales
~ More Profits
~ New Accounts
~ Better Contracts
~ More Customers
~ Lower Expenses
~ More Productivity
~ Improved Relationships

CAUTION Applying the principles in this program will have a dynamic impact on your sales and gross profit - however, the attitude may be too bold or aggressive for some sales people.

The More Gross Profit presentation is available as a one hour keynote, 90 minute breakout session, or half day workshop. The book is also available as part of the program and includes the 13 week follow up sales course.

How many "high level" selling and negotiating tactics can you identify in this 6 minute, fun and entertaining video?



Remove the fat, fillers and extenders that clog your selling arteries...

Bob Oros is the only person in the entire world to hold the two designations of CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) and CMC (Certified Meat Cutter). What this means to you is that he can dissect a complex topic and present it in an easy to understand and fun format. Bob will show you how to remove the fat, fillers and extenders that clog your selling arteries. He has been a full time speaker since 1992 with over 1,500 speaking engagements in all 50 states and as far away as New Zeeland. Prior to starting his speaking career in 1992, he spent 25 years working his way from a street sales person to the position of National Sales Manager for a Fortune 200 Company. During his best year his personal sales exceeded 30 million dollars in new annual business. He has published 327 magazine articles and is the author of seven training manuals and a best selling book. His program has produced sales and gross profit increases ranging from 20% to more than 100% for some of the largest companies in the country. His warm southern personality, friendly presentation style, passion for his topic and down-to-earth sense of humor will make your learning experience a memorable occasion.

Are You Fed Up Like I Was?

Are you tired of reading "sales" books or listening to speakers who never felt the agony of defeat and pain of rejection, never been turned down over and over again yet kept on going, never lived out of a suit case for weeks at a time traveling from airport to airport, dealing with overcrowded airplanes, navigating rental cars in strange cities, calling on pressured and short-tempered buyers and purchasing agents, up late wining and dining, only to leave the next morning on the 6:00 AM flight to do it all over again?

Discover The Difference.

The More Gross Profit Sales Seminar by Bob Oros was not written by a writer, but by someone who has been there...

"Bob, I must tell you again that the way this program is designed...somehow it increases your ability to's in small doses...and you give stories that further increase the remembering factor. Years ago I studied Ziglar…then more recently the likes of Tracy, Hopkins and Gitomer. However NEVER, NEVER, NEVER like this. Is it on purpose that you've turned the tables around to show us how we can use it to our advantage as buyers? Because that is very effective. We are more naturally buyers than we are sellers. Once we understand the process from that comfortable is EASIER to switch over to our role as salespeople and realize that it's pretty much all the same dynamic, just that we sit in different seats. WAY TO GO BOB!!!!!! Thanks as always..."
Giselle Hudson, CEO, Purple Marketing, Trinidad

“Within hours after your program one of my regional managers reported a savings of over $5,000 on a contract he was working on. Another reported an increase in gross profit of $1,800, ALSO WITHIN HOURS AFTER THE SEMINAR! ”
John Boylan, VP Sales and Marketing



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