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About Bob Frare:

Bob Frare, CSP, has been an expert in business development and a popular speaker on the subject since 1981. He has worked with more than 400 companies worldwide, delivering more than 3000 professional presentations.

Bob's extensive expertise in the area of sales management, sales performance and public speaking has helped increase business for his clients through his customized consulting, seminars, speeches, assessments and educational materials.

His countless hours of hands-on experience allow him to help you determine the areas that, when improved on, will lead to a stronger sales culture, enhanced sales performance and measurable increases in sales effectiveness.

Bob is the author of several best selling books on sales culture and sales performance.


Results Clients Achieved

I found myself in a highly competitive sales opportunity, where a long time customer was going to move their business to another vendor. I used your "value audit" concept and with the enhanced trust, was able present a much stronger Value Proposition than my competition. This one opportunity led to a complete evaluation of their telecommunication needs which resulted in a sale for network services of $15,000.00 and I was able to uncover other needs that led to selling them and additional $35,000.00 in telecommunication equipment.

Mike Ross
Account Executive
Verizon, Inc.

The first time I met with a recent prospective client, he told me he was thinking of hiring a money manager to handle his portfolio, he said he had $250,000.00 in personal assets to invest. As you know, I put my new clients through the "Partner Selling Process" you helped me design. After our third meeting he told me he was selecting me to manage his assists after interviewing three of my competitors.
He not only asked me to invest his personal money but also added his corporate pension, which totaled a little less than $2,000,000.00! Thank you!

Hal Allen
Allen Financial Consultants
Clifton Park, New York

Your reengineering of our sales process for our CAM product and subsequent training programs have changed they way our national sales force sells it. By developing the Initial Value ReviewT, followed by the Comprehensive Value AnalysisT, our sales people have been able to powerfully demonstrate the financial advantage this product brings to our clients. At one recent client, we were able to prove a 15 basis point advantage over all our competition. This one opportunity in Wisconsin will result in $25,000.00 in fees. Thanks!

Andrew Goodale
VP of Marketing.
MBIA, Insurance Company
Armonk, New York

As you know, our business is very price focused. Recently one of my sales reps. used what he learned in your negotiating seminar with one of his customers who wanted better pricing on a large order. I have always had to work hard on this rep. not to give money away, this time he kept building value for his customer and was able to maintain our list pricing. This is one example of many where we were able to maintain our pricing.

Howard Katz
District Sales Manager
Leviton Mfg.
Little Neck, New York

I applied several of the concepts in your book in my sales calls and they really paid off. As you know I own several sub shops in the Southwest. I made cold calls to all the hospitals and corporate cafeterias with a 2-mile radius of my stores. After qualifying their needs, I bought them lunch for a day and delivered subs for a cross section of their employees. The employees loved them! The feedback helped demonstrate how my subs are better to the customer in a way that I never could. My sales are up over 20% from the same time last year. Stop by next time you are in town, and I'll buy you lunch.

Geoff Riddle
Franchise Owner
Cousin's Sub Shops
Phoenix, Az

Courses Description

The Partner Selling Program

The Partner Selling Program helps sales professionals and sales companies to establish a consultative selling process that allows them to easily manage their customers and clients through their buying process. The program highlights the following:

* Understanding the characteristics of successful sales people
* Understanding transactional, relationship, consultative and value selling
* Review the your selling style

o How to incorporate the PARTNER Selling method in your selling
o How to PLAN your selling

* How to APPROACH clients more effectively
* How to REVIEW NEEDS better
* How to TRANSLATE the VALUE of your products and services
* How to NEGOTIATE and maintain win/win
* How to ENTER RELATIONSHIPS and move the sale forward

The Service Selling Program

The Service Selling Program helps sales people who are in non-traditional sales roles. This program is designed to help, inside sales people, fixed operations; retail, telemarketing and others establish a selling method that fits this non-traditional role.

The Partner Selling Sales Management Program

The Partner Selling Sales Management Program is designed for sales managers.

Value Selling for Financial Advisors

Value Selling for Financial Advisors is designed for sellers of financial products and services.


Partial Client List


Allied Chemical -- Bendix Division
American Institute of Banking
American Seating Corp.
Arnoff Moving and Storage
Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance
Banc Boston Leasing
Bank Boston
Bell Atlantic
Blue Cross/Blue Shield
Central Hudson Gas & Electric
Central National Bank
Clough Harbour & Associates
Community Bankers Association
Computer Bay
CT Male
DeCresente Distributing
Ellenville National Bank
Frank Crystal Insurance
GGAF Corporation
General Foods
Gibbs & Soell
Herrington's Lumber Company
Home & City Savings Bank
Hospital Mutual Underwriters Insurance
Mohawk Finishing Products
National Planning Group
Northeast Savings Bank Association
Norwich Bank
NY State Association for the Aging
NY State Association of Learning
NY State Craftsman Association
NY State Credit Union League
NY State Survey Association
Oak Materials Group
Pharmacists Society of NYS
Physicians On Line
Power Technologies
Prentice Hall Legal & Financial Services
Professional Insurance Agents of NY, NJ, CT
Renesselar Polytechnic Institute
Restaurants Associates
Ridgefield Bank
Rose & Kiernan Insurance Co.
Savings Institute
Safeguard Distributors Association
Sager Spuck Industrial Supplies
Salem Five
Schenectady International, Inc.
Shaker Computer


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