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Dr. Bob Boyle Creating Successful Lives
and Healthy Relationships

Dr. Bob Boyle has one goal in mind - to help others develop successful lives and healthy relationships. Poor communication, lack of teamwork, stress and burnout are some of the most important factors that affect productivity in today's workplace. Dr. Bob's training and experience as a psychologist provide him with the expertise to understand the root causes behind these problems. His experience with small and large businesses has helped him to understand how to turn these stumbling blocks into stepping-stones. When organizations communicate effectively and work together as a team - peak performance can be achieved!

Dr. Bob's Most Requested Keynotes and Workshops

How to Listen So That Others Will Talk
This highly informative and interactive presentation demonstrates how the skill of listening can help organizations go to the "next level". Included are the 4 components of empathy, 6 ways to not listen, and the 9 secrets of effective listening.

Finding Balance In your Life
This enlightening presentation provides audiences with thoughts and ideas about how to achieve balance in their lives. Included in this workshop are: the 3 keys to working "smart", how to reach "ideal performance state", and the roles of risk and safety in developing balance.

Leaders are made, not born
This informative presentation focuses on the important leadership skill of "emotional intelligence". Practical ways will be offered about how to develop one's leadership potential: listening as a leader, how to model leadership for your employees, and 5 leadership traits to motivate others.

Taking Charge of Stress
Stress and burnout negatively affect every organization. This educational workshop will help: define stress, understand the 4 ways to know if you are stressed, and 6 valuable ways to manage stress.

Coaching For Exceptional Performance
Coaching is an important business skill that can lead to satisfied employees and smoothly functioning teams. This informative presentation offers the "nuts and bolts" of how to coach employees, including: 5 key elements of coaching, the 5 parts of an effective coaching model, and how to develop an action plan.

Where Do You Want To Go?
In order to determine, a vision for our life or our company - we must be willing to dream and "put on our possibility glasses". This motivational and inspiring workshop will help guide you and your organization through a 4-step process that starts with vision, and ends with action.

What People Say about Dr. Bob Boyle:

Top Level Speaker and Consultant
Selling is a complex profession. It requires a broadband of knowledge and skills. Many of our salespeople were good at presenting, but very poor at listening. This hindered their ability to develop long term, productive relationships. Dr. Boyle introduced an easy to implement system for effective listening. He empowered our salespeople to go from talkers to communicators. With these new skills, our salespeople are capable of forging more meaningful, productive relationships. As they become more successful, our turnover rate declines. That's great for both the top and bottom lines of our business.
— Joe Chimenti, VP Sales and training, KMS Research LLC

Top Level Trainer
I have attended several workshops given by Dr. Boyle. I enjoy his friendly, non-judgmental style. He presents clear information with a mix of facts and humor, which makes the learning fun.
—Gloria Wright, Marriage and Family Therapist, Redding, CA

Top Level Coach
When a leading national 500 company. Equity Residential Properties, asked me to recommend a coach for their Executive Leadership Program, Dr. Bob Boyle was the first person I considered. Bob has top level knowledge of both business coaching relationships and emotional intelligence. Moreover, he possesses the wit, presence and charisma to educate diverse management groups. Not only is he a delight in person, but he maintains the highest ethical standards. Expertise, humor and character - a great combination.
-Charlie Price, Consultant and Trainer, Dean, Cascade School


Services Offered

Dr. Boyle offers training on various topics that are pertinent to training employees/managers. These training sessions are both informative and interactive. Topics are offered in a "keynote" format (up to two hours in length) or half-day workshop format. Topics include:

• How To Listen So That Others Will Talk
• How To Work With Difficult People
• Leadership For The New Millennium
• Building Blocks For Healthy Relationships
• Taking Charge of Stress
• Finding Balance In Your Life
• Where Do You Want To Go? (vision)
• Coaching For Exceptional Performance
• The Value Of Teamwork
• Ready, Set. Goal!

Special topics can be arranged with Dr. Boyle on an individualized basis. The fee for keynote presentations or half-day workshops is fairly priced. If travel is required, usual and customary travel expenses (airfare, hotel, and meals) will be added to the training fee. A deposit equal to one-half the speaking fee will hold the date. Payment of the balance is due upon completion of the program. Expenses are invoiced after completion of the program, and are due upon receipt of the invoice.

Dr. Boyle offers individual/group coaching either on-site, or by phone and e-mail. The fee for on-site coaching is the same as for consultation ($200/hour), with travel expenses added. Coaching by phone/e-mail is done on a monthly basis. A typical coaching protocol would consist of 2 monthly phone sessions (1/2 hour), with e-mail support between sessions. A series of two coaching sessions will be charged at the rate of $200/month. Special arrangements (more or less sessions/month) can be made with Dr. Boyle.


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