Dr. Bob Ballantyne

On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your organization's communication skills?

If you answered anything less than "10", you need to meet Dr. Bob.

Dr. Bob Ballantyne is a trainer and specialist in interpersonal and group interaction. A Duke University Professor of the Practice of Counseling Psychology and National Speakers Association member, Dr. Ballantyne inspires organizations with discussion topics including communication, team building and organizational behavior. His seminar on corporations in transitions has found wide appeal in the business community and been met with tremendous enthusiasm. He's available to intrigue, enlighten and inspire your group now.

Dr. Ballantyne has guided universities, corporations, government organizations and individuals through the turbulence and friction that come with working relationships. He takes the theoretical and applies it to the real world.

Note from Dr. Bob:

"Change happens. Events are unpredictable. Yesterday's way of doing business may not fit today or tomorrow's reality. We need to develop abilities that will let us be flexible and innovative, and not get locked into only one way of carrying out our responsibilities. There are always new skills to be learned, different rolls to play and 'what if strategies to be developed, so adjustments can be made when the unanticipated occurs. This applies to both organizations and individuals."


• A licensed, practicing psychologist
• Master's degree in counseling and personnel services from the University of Iowa
• Doctorate in counseling psychology at Washington State University
• Dr. Ballantyne has conducted workshops in Korea, Japan, Guam, Okinawa, Iceland, Germany and Bermuda
• Served as a Captain in the US Air Force
• Expert witness
• Forensic Psychologist

Speaking topics include:

Why do we do the things we do?
Understanding the dynamics of human behavior in the changing workplace.

How do we survive major corporate crises?
Managing corporate transition situations.

Keeping communication channels wide open.

Improving communications inside and outside of the organization.

Teamwork works better.
Diagnosing group problems and promoting goal-oriented teamwork.

Increasing Productivity.
Creative problem solving, decision making and conflict resolution.

Reducing reaction time.
Responding quickly to changing conditions.

Workshop topics:

• Goal Setting
• Personal Development
• Interpersonal Communications
• Sports Psychology
• The Art and Power of Listening

• Leadership Development
• Dealing with Change
• Stress Management
• Conflict Resolution
• Experiential Learning
• Career Development


Follow up programs:

Developing the Personal and Organizational Self
Who are we and how did we get to this point in life We have allowed habit, circumstances, perceptions and other people to define who we are and have set our goals for us. What do we have to do to change and are we willing to take the steps necessary to change.

Interpersonal and Leadership skill:
What are people skills? Do we have then and how do we develop them How do we react to feedback? Are we willing to receive ISO-degree feedback concerning our leadership style?

Communications- verbal and non verbal behavior:
Do we really hear what others are saying or do we hear what we want to hear?

Developing effective work teams:

How do we interact within the group and become and effective member? How does the group affect us in terms of our behavior, our feelings about our self, and our being able to stay true to our goals and values?

Dr. Ballantyne helps people and organizations visualize, focus, set goals, and develop skills to enhance the emotional environment of the office.


"Thank you for your insights on team building. The experience was amazing. The team opened up to each other and broke down barriers."—JeffLaMere, Former Director of Basketball Operations, Duke University


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