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Are you looking for an entertaining and effective speaker for your next event?

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Bob Anderson, Ph.D., CMSgt. is the person you are looking for. With two distinct aspects of himself, he’s the perfect fit for nearly every audience. It’s like getting two for one!

* Dr. Bob: Hold Ph.D.s in Human Resource and Safety Management
* Chief Anderson: Military Leader—USAFR Chief Master Sergeant

Bob is a professional speaker, trainer and author. He’s available for keynote addresses and training programs for both civilian and military audiences. His most requested topics are leadership, attaining excellence, motivation, communication and counterterrorism.

About Bob Anderson:

Bob Anderson is president and founder of Back To Basics International—a professional speaking and training organization. As a speaker and trainer, Bob has a unique "Back to Basics" approach that is not just entertaining—it's effective!

Bob is a seasoned professional speaker on both the national and international levels, including both civilian and military audiences. He brings with him experience as an author, trainer, consultant and military professional.

His enthusiastic delivery style and unique story telling ability keep his audience on the edge of their seats—wanting more! His most requested topics are leadership, motivation, communication, counterterrorism and attaining excellence.

Bob Anderson has a unique twofold background which makes him the perfect fit for nearly every audience: He is both Dr. Bob who hold Ph.D.s in Human Resource and Safety Management; and he is Chief Anderson, Chief Master Sergeant and military leader in the US Air Force Reserve. With his two distinct sides, it allows controversial issues to be discussed with a unique twist that is sure to interest any listing audience. The audience gets two for one!

In his presentations and his books, Bob discusses the basics of leadership—both personally and professionally—and brings home the importance of accountability and responsibility in all aspects of our lives. He says living a fulfilling life is not always easy, that many times, it requires doing the "hard things". His philosophy is "Back to Basics"—an old fashioned philosophy that works!

He has over thirty years of uniformed service to his country and is currently a Chief Master Sergeant serving as the Security Forces Manager for the 917th Security Forces Squadron, Barksdale AFB, LA. He previously served as a First Sergeant and Command Chief Master Sergeant.

He holds Ph.D.s in human resource management and safety management and holds other degrees in police science and social psychology. Bob sits on the Board of Directors for the World Safety Organization, is a member of the National Society for Safety Management and holds various professional credentials.

He's a qualified rappel master, assistant SCUBA instructor and holds a 2nd degree black belt in Shorin-Ryu karate. He's an avid writer in various genres. His first book Tac Leader: What Honor Requires (action/adventure novel) was published in April 2004. His second book, Back To Basics for Finding Sanity in an Insane World (motivational/self-help), was published and released December 2004.

Bob and his wife Pamela, reside in Humble, TX. He is currently involved in the marketing his new book, Back To Basics for Finding Sanity in an Insane World, which includes radio and other media interviews, presentations to groups regarding the concepts of his book and book signings.


Programs and Seminars

"Excellence Ain’t Easy" Self-Improvement: In a futile attempt to eliminate failure, we’re eliminating excellence. Segments of society advocate homogeneous standards—I call that Mediocrity!

"Can You Shoot Your Own Dog?" Leadership: Earning the respect of others comes from consistently doing the "right things", which means sometimes doing the "hard and uncomfortable things".

"Say What?" Improving Communications: Here’s a recipe for effective communication—four parts listening, two parts thinking and one part talking.

"You Can’t See-Saw by Yourself!" Teamwork: If the goals of the team address the needs of its members—everyone wins! This is called synergy—it is the essence of teamwork.

What Clients Think

"Dr. Bob is a very engaging speaker with the ability to find a common thread for any size group and turn it into an enjoyable learning experience. I would recommend Dr. Bob to any organization looking to liven up their meetings—he is great!"
-Mary Flanders, Shreveport Bossier Advertising Federation

"He is a dynamic speaker with a lot of passion."
-Dr. B.J. Garner, President-Texas Optometry Society

"I was so impressed by his motivational speech that he presented at the Command Chief/First Sergeants Conference, that I have invited him to speak at our first ever Enlisted Call in February 2003."

-CMSgt. Daniel A. Young, State CCM, Delaware ANG

"I had fun. I learned a lot. I laughed. I cried. Best program I have seen!"
-Alfredo Dela Rosa, Engineer, Director of National Office,
World Safety Organization

"I wanted some tools to use. I found the ones I had were 'American standard' and my problems were all 'metric'. What an education!"
-David Day, Department Head, Texas State Technical College

" say I was impressed is an understatement. I invited him to speak at our wing's Annual Enlisted Award Dinner as our guest speaker. He did not let me down, and this time 350 of our folks were just as impressed."
-CMSgt. William C. Jacobson, State CCM, Alaska ANG


Below is a partial client list for Back to Basics International:

Shreveport Bossier Advertising Federation
Association of Energy Service Companies
Carolina Housing Authority
Air National Guard—National Enlisted Leadership Symposium
Baylor University- ROTC
Interfaith Ministries
Texas State Technical College
World Safety Organization
Delaware Air National Guard
Phoenix University
Philippine Airlines
Alaska Air National Guard
Interfaith Ministries
Autumn Hills Convalescent Centers
Louisiana Army Ammunition Plant
North Harris Community College
American Safety Consultants
Omni Data Systems
World Safety Organization-Republic of the Philippines
Various Louisiana Municipalities
National Sealants and Lubricants
Texas State Technical College
South Western Power & Electric Company
Ruston Mental Health
National Safety Association
American Diabetes Association
Risk Management Incorporated
Bergstrom AFB, Security Police
Riverview Hospital
River Region Hospital
917th Bomb Wing
Bossier Parish Community College
The Brown Schools
Bossier City Police Department
Morton Thiokol
First National Bank


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