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Bill is President of TRUFIELD ENTERPRISES, Inc., a firm specializing in skill based training workshops for Managers, Sales Professionals, and Sales Managers. Along with workshop facilitation, Bill is involved in Consulting and Field Implementation.

Overviews of Presentations by Bill Truax:

Best Practices for Personal Business Conduct ©
Manners, Courtesy, and Etiquette – Common Sense Rules for a Successful Business Career. Bill wrote this program for a Fortune 100 company and has conducted it throughout the country.
FOCUS: Their conduct reflects your values in dress, word, speech, and dinning.

Out Sourcing Sales Management ©
A new tool for small to medium sized businesses to consider. Bill has been providing sales consulting services for over 25 years.
FOCUS: Sales team development is critical for everyone

Winning At Prospecting ®
Renewing the Art of Field Prospecting. Bill has written 4 books and recorded 2 CDs on field Prospecting and he has made over 10,000 prospecting calls using his BLITZ CALL® System.
FOCUS: The only easy way to grow your business

A Brief History of a Great Man© Sir Winston S. Churchill
Bill has been a member of the International Churchill Society for 20 years and has done an extensive study of Churchill's life.
FOCUS: Perseverance can yield amazing results.

Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings
A Homeland Security Program that prepares Corporate First Responders for bomb incidents – this is an Overview only. Bill is certified by The Department of Homeland Security to conduct this program. He ran the 6th Army's Demolition and Booby Trap School at Fort Lewis Washington for two years and has over 3500 hours of instruction time teaching about explosives.
FOCUS: Knowledge and Preparation are the best tools.

K-9 Wilderness Search and Rescue (w/video)
An introduction to howK-9 wilderness searches are conducted and the amazing capabilities that dogs provide. Bill is an Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff in Geauga County Ohio assigned to the K-9 unit. He has been a wilderness K-9 SAR handler for 11 years and has the National Association of Search & Rescue designation of SAR TECH II. His partner is Lexa, a 2 year old German Shepherd.
FOCUS: SAR - designed by experts to prevent a problem from becoming a crisis.

Weapons of Mass Achievement© (see new presentation material below).


Bill and his wife, Sue, co-authored the book, The BLITZ CALL®, A System for Fear Free Prospecting and Making Cold Calls. The book became an international business best seller. He has published three more books on Prospecting, recorded two CDs. Bill conducts BLITZ CALL Workshops, Seminars, and Train the Trainer programs.

Bill has spent literally thousands of hours in the field making cold calls with sales professionals to teach his BLITZ CALL System. When Bill is in the field he actually makes many of the BLITZ CALLs him, regardless of the industry. This is to demonstrate that anyone can prospect you just need to know how.

Bill and Sue have also copy written several skill based training programs in the areas of Sales, Public Speaking, and Manners, Courtesy, and Etiquette, which they conduct for corporations throughout North America. Along with consulting, Bill's focus on skill-based training is designed to enhance the skills, performance, and promotability of the people with whom he works.

Bill frequently addresses Sales and Marketing classes at universities in Northern Ohio. Bill and Sue are active in the International Churchill Society and Bill speaks often on the life and times of Winston Churchill.

For their primary avocation, Bill and Sue’s passion for dogs and how they can work with and for people has focused their energies into K-9 Search and Rescue. As a result, they are active members of the National Association for Search and Rescue, have achieved the SAR TECH II designation and have Shepherd Search and Rescue Dogs (SSARD) a wilderness K-9 SAR unit.

What they say about Bill:

"The BLITZ CALL is quite simple and the potential results...are staggering."
Selling Power Magazine (review)

"The BLITZ CALL is great. From an operator user's point of view here's why it's so outstanding.
1. Simple
2. Easy to understand
3. Easy to do
4. Actionable
5. Measurable
7. Practical
8. Not Wordy.
This System seems more like the 'One Minute Prospector'..."

William H. Newton III
Chairman Satec Systems, Inc

"It seems so simple, so some won't try it. For those who do, it worked. I have seen it over, and over, and over again."
W. Kirk Hopkins
National Sales Manager
Cleveland, OH

New Presentation:
Weapons of Mass Achievement©

How to create the internal Motivation that drives you to Goal achievement.

A presentation designed to inspire, motivate and teach you step by step how to correctly set and then successfully achieve specific Goals.

Most of us want to make positive changes in our lives, but we don't do it. The Chinese definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over, but expecting a different result."

If you want to get a different result, you must DO something different. Most people don't know what to DO or how to DO it so they keep doing the same thing over and over! They have no idea how to actually set a Goal, so that is why they can't achieve their desired results.

In this program I explain in very easy terms how to actually set specific achievable Goals. And how to use Visualization, the skill that world class athletes have been using for years to achieve their Goals.

I introduce my GPS System - Goals, Plans, and Steps. A very easy to understand and implement system for setting and then achieving any Goal.

What do you want to achieve, really want to achieve and what are you willing to commit to? This question will have to be answered because now you will have the tools to actually set and achieve their Goals.

Most of us need to tune down our left brain and tune up our right brain. We are programming the subconscious mind in our right brain all the time anyway, why not learn to program it for Goal achievement? I will discuss the different roles played by each side of the brain and a simple way to get them working together for your Goals.

Results of Participation in the Weapons of Mass Achievement program:

  • The immediate result will be more time available because you will become much more efficient.
  • You will leave this session knowing how to set Goals not only business oriented, but for any aspect of their life.
  • You will understand how to use Visualization as part of your GPS system.
  • The overall impact of this program is Goal achievement, time efficiency and a much more happy and productive life.



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