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Ever wonder what it's like to fly today's $40 million jet fighters in real combat dogfights? Speeds exceed 700 m.p.h. at altitudes below 100 feet under a crushing 7 "Gs". Multiple enemy missile attacks further intensify this deadly, high-tech battlefield in the sky. How do fighter pilots handle this relentless tension, anxiety, and stress? And, wouldn't it be terrific if your people could learn how to apply some of these life-changing principles to their lives? Former TopGun instructor Bill Driscoll is eminently qualified to discuss this topic. His background includes:

  • More than 800 presentations over a 30-year career
  • 170 combat missions
  • 3,300 hours of jet fighter time
  • More than 5,000 jet dogfights
  • 500 aircraft carrier landings
  • Still flies F-18 jet fighters at TopGun
  • Member of Navy's first and only team of jet-missile aces with the shootdown of live enemy fighters in combat
  • One of the highest decorated living Naval Flight Officers of the past 50 years (major awards include: The Navy Cross, two Silver Stars, The Purple Heart, 8 Air Medals, and Nomination for Medal of Honor)

You will be invited inside tne cockpit 01 today's highly sophisticated jet fighters and given an insider's view of the incredible pressures these present-day gladiators feel in combat. Most importantly, you'll be given the secrets of a balanced lifestyle which enables these pilots to perform brilliantly under this mind-boggling pressure.

Air combat is nerve-wracking flying featuring constant twisting, rolling, and swirling maneuvers. It's all about teamwork and doing the right thing at the right time in a rapidly changing, lethal arena. But it's the little things that make the big difference. And that's exactly what Bill talks about—the preparation, attitude and concentration needed to accomplish those little things that could make such a big difference in both the personal and professional lives of your people.

Bill is firmly committed to the balanced lifestyle which produces consistently outstanding results. During the past 20 years, he has worked for CB Richard Ellis in Southern California as a salesman in the highly competitive filed of commercial real estate. His results include:

  • Number One Office Leasing Specialist in North San Diego office for 17 consecutive years
  • Ranked Number One Salesman in his office for four of eight years, and ranked Number Two three other years
  • Past president of local Little League and Pony League Baseball

As rapid technological and economic changes continue to exert unpredictable pressure on the global economy and its workforce, now is the time to provide your people with the right tools to handle this pressure. Now is the time to utilize BILL DRISCOLL and his PEAK PRESSURE PERFORMANCE presentation.

Bill's Most Frequently Requested Topics

    Peak Pressure Performance (One Half-Day Seminar)

      In the 35-year history of TopGun, Bill Driscoll is the only instructor ever invited back as a regular air combat consultant. This unique opportunity allows Bill access to the finest fighter pilots and fighter tactics in the world. Bill's audience is therefore provided with a rare insider's view of the tension, anxiety, and stress of real world air combat. Most importantly, in this interactive seminar you will learn firsthand the secrets of attaining peak pressure performance under acute stress.

    Peak Pressure Performance (50 Minute Keynote)

      Running a profitable business today is tougher, more challenging and stressful than ever. The competition is good.. .you and your people must be better. And that's exactly what you'll learn: the balanced lifestyle needed to deal with today's ever-present tension, anxiety, and stress. Performance levels across your organization will jump immediately.

    All topics will be carefully customized to fit your goals.

Bill Driscoll's Clients Have Said:

    "...The way you incorporated the pressure and skills of air combat with everyday business challenges was absolutely superior." — Texaco

    "Many thanks for the excellent job you did speaking to our players before our game against USC. We are certain your contribution deserves some of the credit for our win. The players have elected to give you a game ball." — University of Notre Dame Football Team

    "...Thank you for the incredible presentation you gave to over 1,000 of our Sybase people. We have never had an outside speaker have such a dramatic and profound effect on our people as you did." — Sybase "I was especially impressed with your ability to relate your presentation to our unique company situation: I really appreciate the time you obviously spent researching our industry, our company, and our key challenges." — Odetics Broadcast

    "Your personal approach to the subject, use of visual aids, and interaction with the audience was superb. Your presentation spoke to me personally." — F4 Phantom II Society

    "Your presentation would have to be considered one of the best I have ever heard. It was inspirational, upbeat, and motivational. It really put things in perspective." — The Immune Response Corporation "Your message was riveting and as I checked the audience during the event, I noticed that not only did you have our professionals' rapt attention, but all the employees in the restaurant were mesmerized by your presentation." — CB Richard Ellis

    "Your presentation is absolutely awesome! It was even better the second time!" — CB Richard Ellis

    "Perhaps the best presentation on any topic I have ever seen. Essential to the course." — TopGun Instructor

    "There are only a few experiences that I will remember for the rest of my life, but this lecture is probably one of them. Few lectures have had me totally engrossed from start to finish as this one did." — TopGun Graduate

    "Commander Driscoll's performance at TopGun has been nothing short of of awe inspiring. His lecture on Air Combat is consistently critiqued as having the greatest impact on our your aviators. He is a gold mine for TopGun!" — Commanding Officer, TopGun

Bookings of Bill Driscoll by this bureau:

Sarah Lee Foods who wrote afterwards...
"... riveting "Peak Performance" presentation! You thoroughly researched our company... an immediate jump in enthusiasm for those cornerstone values of teamwork and leadership which you so brilliantly described. Your focus on performance and accountability will have an immediate positive impact on our people. Great presentation!"
Doug Horras, Sr. VP Operations, Sara Lee

Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical center wrote afterwards...
(Over 550 attendees) "Our audience was intensely focused on your great message which was so cleverly weaved in and around the life of a naval aviator. Our feedback surveys were overwhelmingly positive. I thank you for such an incredible job!"
Curtis C. Chastain, MD, FACP, President, Lake Primary Care Physicians


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