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Healthy Relationships Make "Cents" for Business

For most companies, people are the largest annual expenditure. Operating at their maximum potential, people are also a company's greatest asset. Betsy Hedinger helps companies get the best from their employees and find solutions to "people problems" that decrease productivity, make the work environment unpleasant, and lead to turnover.

About Betsy Hedinger

Betsy Hedinger, MA, LPC, is a speaker and professional counselor. She and her husband, Ed, own and staff Life Counseling Services. Experience in the corporate world, education in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a marriage of over twenty years, gives Betsy compassion, insights and solutions for relationship difficulties in a variety of settings. Betsy is spontaneous and witty, authentic and compassionate with the incisive ability to cut through to core issues and bring about change.

Programs from Betsy Hedinger

Getting Along with Difficult People
This program outlines skills that will help participants get along with almost anyone. Improve productivity and create a better work environment by learning to manage interpersonal conflict created by difficult people. Betsy will show how a great deal of difficulty in relationships comes from people not speaking the same language as their difficult person. Once people teach one another their language, they find a lot less gets "lost in the translation." Participants will become so much more comfortable dealing with difficult people, they will wonder why they wasted so many years avoiding them.
Learn to identify different types of difficult people and the most effective ways to deal with them based on:
• Real understanding with real solutions for real people
• The need they're expressing through their difficult behavior
• The power differential - is this person a superior, someone you supervise, or a peer?
• The best time, the best place, the best method to address the problem

Getting the Most Out of Criticism
In even the least tactful criticism there is a grain of truth. In this seminar, Betsy teaches the best way to get back at your accuser - by letting their criticism help you up the ladder of success. Participants will also learn techniques and skills to conduct difficult communication like task correction or performance evaluation while leaving the other person's dignity intact and without being perceived as critical.

The High Cost of Anger
At work, anger is responsible for loss of productivity, team breakdowns, absenteeism, job dissatisfaction and job turnover. Even issues like employee theft, thought to be just a function of low morality, is often a function of low morale induced by anger. At home anger is a threat to the health and sometimes the life of home relationships. Most people are stuck in whatever anger patterns they've had all their lives.
In this seminar, Betsy will help participants:
• Identify the causes of their anger - the current causes and old hurts and resentments
• Identify "triggers" - recognizing what happens right before the onset of anger gives people a head start on heading anger off
• Learn how to stop destructive blame, threats, violence, and excuses so people can move toward solutions by taking personal responsibility
• Get their needs met, their projects finished, etc., without having to resort to anger


What Others Are Saying

"Betsy has an amazing ability to size up a group and present appropriate material. A smash hit! Without exception, everyone present indicated Betsy's presentation was great."
Physician, Listed in Best Doctors in America

"Betsy Hedinger gave me a great gift, incredibly easy tools to deal with people I found difficult to work with - not only in the work place, but also in my everyday life. Ms. Hedinger speaks from her heart and allowed me to gain insight into my own life. I would heartily recommend Ms. Hedinger to anyone...."
Vice President of Sales, Computer Software

"Betsy will help you improve productivity and create a better work environment by better managing interpersonal conflict created by difficult people. Betsy demonstrates compassion, insights and solutions for relationship difficulties in a variety of settings."

University Faculty Chair

"Betsy is spontaneous and witty, authentic and compassionate with the incisive ability to cut through to core issues. You will be entertained by her down-to-earth style and empowered to mend, deepen and strengthen relationships with people at work and home."
Director of Project Management, Healthcare System

"In today's fast-paced competitive business world, we wanted to encourage our staff to build their business on the solid foundations of the moral and ethical treatment of people - both in their personal and professional relationships. Betsy custom designed a program to suit our needs and presented it in a lively, interesting format. We would certainly recommend her talents and expertise for any business."
Entrepreneurs and Lifestyle Consultants


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