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"Be Powered by Happy"




As Managing Director and Executive Vice President of Sequent, Inc. Consulting division, Beth is responsible for the overall success of the Consulting business. As part of her background, Beth specializes in employee engagement, designing and leading Transformational Training and Large scale Change Initiatives. She has over 20 years experience helping organizations through major transformations, such as cultural change, mergers and acquisitions and organizational change. Prior to joining Sequent, Beth was Sr. Vice President and Head of Retail Training Development and Planning at JP Morgan Chase.

Before that Beth headed up all training and development for all Limited Brands in Columbus, Ohio. Beth currently works with Fortune 500 companies across the country in helping them increase employee engagement, as well increase company performance. Beth is the author of, Powered By Happy, which will be released in March 2010. She has also been a contributing author to several other books. Beth is on the board of directors for the American Red Cross, Blood division. Beth is a frequent national speaker and her professional work has been recognized with national awards.


Beth Thomas’ Speaker Experience Includes:

  • Served as Keynote Speaker for:

  • Franklin University Leadership Center Symposium

  • Learning 2009

  • Circle of Business

  • Ohio HR Conference

  • Human Capital Summit

  • RIMS Convention: Creating Profit with Happy


  • Other:

  • Training Magazine International Webinar; Five Tips

for Succession Planning: Engage, Retain and

Develop your Best Talent

  • QSG – Webinar on Change Management

  • The Masie Center – Annual speaker

  • RGIS

  • Center for Teaching and Learning

  • Techlearn

  • E-learning Summit

  • Society of Information Management

  • + many more!


Be Powered by Happy! Program Description

Audience: Any size professional group

Motivational / Business / Employee Engagement

1 hour Presentation of 2-4 Hour Custom Workshop

BE Powered by Happy” is based on key messages from the recently released book, Powered By Happy, that teaches people how to get and stay happy at work. It's an upbeat and inspiring session. Bottom line is, it will not only make your employees engaged, but also increase your company's bottom line

Happy associates are productive associates, ever heard of that? 75% of American workers are not happy at work. What do you think this does for not only their career (or lack thereof) but also the performance of your company?! 90% of a company's performance comes from the 20% of your engaged associates. So, kill two birds with one stone. Show your employees how much you care about their happiness, while increasing your bottom line!



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