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Bernard Smalls is a corporate trainer and a consulting resource with the Ken Blanchard Companies. He is known for his part in the history-making exploits of Toyota Mall of Georgia. As corporate trainer, Bernard helped the company to make Toyota history by being the first and only franchise to win all ten of Toyota's excellence awards in the first year, and to be the only Toyota franchise in history to win the prestigious President's Award back-to-back in the first two years of business.

"Bernard is an excellent speaker with great content that will inspire any audience. Bernard is a real winner."

- Dr. Ken Blanchard -Co-author of "The One Minute Manager"

With the release of his new book, "Thank God It's Sunday: The Gospel of Customer Service," Smalls is leading a revolution of customer retention through customer service, sales and leadership excellence. He masterfully communicates timeless principles for practical application in business and life. Smalls holds a Bachelor of Philosophy in Theology Degree.

Sales Excellence

A company's most valuable asset is its reputation - how it is known to its customers. A key variable in selling in the 21st century is risk. To succeed in the 21st century you must learn to form relationships in a competitive culture, focus on the relationship more than the deal itself, and value the trust factor. Discover the purpose of relationship selling, negotiating, and closing. You can target higher sales performance, and actually achieve it.

What you'll learn....

• Key factors that determine long-term financial success in sales
• How to turn work into play
• The secrets of making money naturally

The purpose of this training...

• Discover the source of money-making energy and drive
• Get LU.C.K. on your side
• Take money-making seriously
• To teach you the skills you need to pass the tests you will face when aiming for high levels of earnings in sales
• Break out of the herd mentality with creative thinking


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"You gained an audience of followers with your presentation of 'Leadership That Works'...I am seeing the product of a planned, successful, and most effective work atmosphere. You have a gift that commands a positive desire to work toward a common goal."

- Wilson Braswell -Braswell Electric, Inc.

"I'm a big fan of Bernard Smalls. He is one of the finest speakers and teachers I know. He will motivate any audience with his enthusiasm and great content. Bernard is a real winner."
- Ken Blanchard -


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