Ben Adkins

A speaker who keeps audiences laughing, learning and motivated to make a difference . . .

A speaker who learns about and addresses your audience’s challenges, concerns, fears and hopes . . .

A professional who will make you look good and who is a joy to work with . . .

Meet Conflict Resolution Artist Ben Adkins

Ben’s presentations engage your audience with an upbeat, interactive style. He addresses topics important to everyone:

• Conflict
• Productivity
• Leadership

Ben has presented more than 2,400 keynotes, workshops, seminars and management retreats. Few speakers have the confidence and ability to speak to virtually any group – Ben is one of them. Executives, business owners, professionals, sales staff, technology workers, administrative staff and customer service providers have all benefited from his programs. His clients include government agencies, energy companies, high tech companies, educational organizations, attorneys, health care providers and associations. Ben is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, a faculty member of the National College of District Attorneys and a former board member of the Fort Worth Chapter of the American Society of Training and Development.

An experienced mediator and conflict resolution artist, Ben is also a businessman who understands the importance of productivity and bottom line results. Managed conflict yields positive outcomes in terms of time, risk, cost and relationships.

Speaking topics include:

• Weaving Mediation into the Fabric of the Organization
• Smart Conflict Tools for Smart Leaders
• How to Manage Conflict So It Doesn’t Manage You
• People Aren’t Difficult – Just Different
• Put Your Own Mask on First Before Assisting Others

Breakout sessions and workshops include:

• Managing Disagreements Constructively
• How to be a Leader Instead of a Boss
• How to Develop Authority, Credibility and Influence


Speaking Topics:


Weaving Mediation into the Fabric of the Organization

Every organization pays a price for mismanaging conflict . . . but few know how much.
Every organization has a conflict management strategy . . . but few know what it is.
Every organization faces a threat to its survival . . . but few see it coming.
This presentation gives eye-opening insights into the strategic management of organizational conflict. It lays out a blueprint for improving organizational effectiveness. This program will change forever the way you think about and manage conflict.

Smart Conflict Management Tools for Smart Leaders

For managers, supervisors, team leaders, HR professionals and others who lead. Learn a critical competency of leadership – how to resolve conflict between others. It’s not only a career skill, it’s a life skill. Leaders who have these tools experience higher productivity, better morale and less turnover than those who do not have them. Be smart with conflict.

How to Manage Conflict So It Doesn’t Manage You

Take a lighthearted look at one of life’s realities – conflict. Learn the process of successful positive conflict resolution – at work and at home!

People Aren’t Difficult – Just Different

A fun, entertaining, and educational look at the four social styles. Understand yourself and others better. Strengthen relationships at work and at home. Learn how to handle difficult people and also how you become difficult under stress.

Secure Your Own Mask Before Assisting Others

(Great for an opening or closing session) A motivational look at dealing with change, making choices and taking care of yourself. Be more effective in all the roles you play
Take responsibility for your own success in life.


Breakout Sessions and Workshops

Managing Disagreements Constructively

In this workshop you will learn an ingenious step-by-step process to resolve relationship conflicts. After you apply these strategies to resolve interpersonal conflicts, you learn how to prevent them from occurring in the future.

How to be a Leader Instead of a Boss

Learn leadership skills for the 21st Century. Three simple skills that make a huge difference – an enlightening framework for being an outstanding coach. Effective for anyone in a leadership position. Learn how to motivate, communicate and inspire your team to greatness.

CIA – How to Develop Credibility, Influence, and Authority

It’s not the title or position you hold that gives you true authority – it requires three other things – and you have total control over those three. Not just for leaders. This lively, eye-opening presentation has a positive impact on people in every organizational position. Learn how to develop true authority and credibility.


In-depth training available in the following areas:

* Workplace Conflict * Leadership * Productivity * Presentation Skills *


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