Barry R. Schimel, CPA

"The Profit Game How to Play How to Win"

Barry is a highly sought after speaker on profitability. His audiences are coached in the profit game, learning how to play and how to win. They improve their business profitability with the skills necessary to recognize greater financial opportunities and the ability to turn ideas into bottom line results.

In business, although people go to work every day, do they understand the big picture, jts rules, or how to improve the score? Are they coached to maximize their skills, and to understand their role as a profit team player? Do they know the score? Do they know if their team is winning or losing? Have players and profits reached their potential?

This speech is about playing the game of business scoring profits for the benefit of every one in business. It teaches you to beat the competition, be a winner, and create greater profitability.

We dedicate this speech to everyone who wants to make The Profit Game a game worth playing. Key issues covered include:

  • Understanding The Profit Game
  • Creating a Profit Game Plan
  • Managing profit teams
  • Putting The Profit Game Plan to work
  • Keeping profits rolling in during good times and bad

This program will focus everyone in attendance on becoming PEOs - Profit Enhancement Officers comniitted to the improved financial performance of their business. The ideas in this program have unleashed over a third of a billion dollars in recurring profit opportunities for businesses around the world.

Barry R. Schimel, CPA is president of The Profit Advisors, Inc. The mission of his company is to help businesses discover and achieve their bottom line potential. He is author of "100 Ways to Prosper in Today's Economy" and co-author of "The Profit Game How to Play - - How to Win" and "The Profit Advisors Profit Playbook". He is co-founder of the Institute of Profit Advisors; an international consortium of consulting firms dedicated to the bottom line improvement of business adding value to their organizations.


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