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"I would recommend LaBov & Beyond to anyone who is interested in doing more than just the 'standard program' and in pushing their communications or activities up another notch."
-Greg Smith, Executive Director, Distribution and Logistics, Volkswagen of America

Barry LaBov is a respected author, speaker, strategist and futurist in the area of field relationship management. Barry is the President and CEO of LaBov & Beyond Marketing Communications, Inc., an award-winning marketing communications firm that focuses on leveraging the manufacturer and distributor relationship in industries such as consumer electronics, automotive, tires, as well as the trucking, oil and RV industries. Barry is a member of the Young Presidents Organization and, as a public speaker, has presented on a variety of topics such as sales strategies, business ethics, interpersonal training, entrepreneurialism, loyalty and the buying/service experience. Barry is also a published recording artist with record sales well under 1 million copies.

Barry LaBov is a qualified expert resource and authority in the area of marketing and field relationship management. He is available to comment, speak and write on any of the following topics:


• Entrepreneurship
• Passion in Business
• Corporate/Dealer Relationships
• Creativity
• Customer Loyalty
• Dynamics of a Small Business
• Employee Morale and Compensation
• Sales, Marketing and Incentives



• Ernst & Young Indiana Entrepreneur of the Year-1992
• Ernst & Young Indiana Entrepreneur of the Year-2002
• Small Business of the Year-2002
• Indiana University School of Business Growth 100 -1998,1999 and 2002
• Richard G. Lugar Award-1999
• More than 300 Addy Awards, National Silver Microphones, IAAPA Brass Rings, IABC Communication Awards and Summit Awards


• How to Sell and be Yourself
• Beyond Comparison
• The Umbrella Story: Your Greatest Value is Your Passion
• I See a Silo'.: An Inspiring View of What Can Happen When Companies Work Together
• Conviction: A Truly Motivational Story of Leadership and Trust
• The Corporate Entrepreneur: The Small Way to Get Big Results At Any Corporation
• SalesForce: The Difference Between Promising the World and Saving It
• The Boomerang and the Killer Stick: An Uplifting Spin on Creating Return Customers

Barry is also a nationally acclaimed columnist for Incentive Magazine and has been regularly featured as a recognized expert in publications such as:

• Automotive Executive
• Automotive News
• Inc. Magazine
• RVNews
• Sales & Marketing Management
• Successful Meeting Magazine
• USA Today


The Books:
Barry LaBov, president of LaBov & Beyond Marketing Communications, Inc., has written a series of unique business books collectively called The Umbrella Series. The books explore the most vital issues in today's business world: passion, leadership, change, entrepreneurialism, loyalty and the tearing down of business silos. What makes these books unique is that they are quick and easy to read (approx. 20 minutes front to back) with animated characters colorfully illustrated throughout. You can learn many deep, valuable lessons and apply them to your business, whether it be big or small.

"Great books on the business of dealing with customers, manufacturers and their dealers. It applies to almost any dynamic corporation or industry."
-Vince Alonzo, Editor, Incentive Magazine

The Workshops:

What's even more unique is that LaBov & Beyond also created six interactive workshops/presentations that not only address these issues but bring them to life in three-act plays. Each presentation adheres to adult learning principles:
• Adults don't want to be lectured to
• They want to be entertained, have fun
• They need the chance to apply what they're learning
• They need to get feedback on the spot, so they can embrace the learning

"I would recommend LaBov & Beyond to anyone who is interested in doing more than just the 'standard program' and in pushing their communications or activities up another notch."
-Greg Smith, Executive Director, Distribution and Logistics, Volkswagen of America

In the planning stages before every workshop, we meet with the client to discuss ways we can deliver our message and, at the same time, tailor interactive workshop exercises specifically for their group. Depending on the topic, the participants might be engaged in anything from throwing boomerangs to acting onstage to creating their own list of learnings from the presentation. These workshops instill such lessons as how to increase customer loyalty, employee leadership and ownership, adapting to change, teamwork and integrity.

Why the Success?
Since LaBov & Beyond focuses on colorful, fictitious characters in a business environment, audiences are receptive—the participants are allowed to receive a message without feeling it's pointed at them. This allows engagement. As mentioned earlier, LaBov & Beyond adheres to adult learning principles, which results in an interactive, fun environment. LaBov & Beyond's goal is that, while there will be numerous lessons and learnings presented, each participant will embrace one, two or three lessons and leave energized. In addition, the books and other follow-up materials allow the participants to return and brush up on the message. They receive a totally unique, memorable experience that is relevant.


"Barry LaBov is a consummate entrepreneur in every sense of the word ...The true measure of Barry and his company lie in the tremendous character and integrity he and his organization display every day...Barry's entrepreneurial spirit drives himself and his organization to excellence every day It is obvious in him."

"Barry LaBov has one of the most innovative entrepreneurial minds that I have ever come across in my 35 years in corporate America."



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