Arthur J. Murray, D.Sc.


"Capture and grow your brain trust, before they walk out the door"

Think about how fast your market is changing

Are you:
Falling behind?
Keeping pace?
Leading the charge?

In today’s fast-changing world, the old business models no longer work. Business and government leaders know they must either change, or become irrelevant. The question is: “Change to what?”

The Enterprise of the Future
To compete in a global knowledge economy, you need to:

Perform at a higher level, while reducing costs
Quickly respond to, and even lead, the changes in your market
Reduce risks from disasters and other serious threats.

Achieving and sustaining this level of performance means transforming your organization into an enterprise that can learn and innovate at the speed of change.

This transformation takes place in three stages:
1.Moving from hierarchies to networks (knowing who you know)
2.Capturing your institutional knowledge (knowing what you know)
3.Creating new work environments (sharing and growing what you know).

You will start by critically assessing your organization’s ability to compete in a global knowledge economy. This will allow you to identify and prioritize the areas having the greatest impact potential. You’ll come away with specific steps you can take in order to become an Enterprise of the Future.


Are you ready to compete in a global, billion-mind economy?

The world has changed. The old business models no longer work. If you want to succeed in the global knowledge economy, you have to transform your organization into the next-generation enterprise. The key to this transformation is moving from a knowledge-hoarding organization, to a knowledge-sharing enterprise. This means capturing, sharing, applying, and growing your institutional knowledge. We’re not talking about all of your institutional knowledge, only the most critical.

Keynotes and Workshops for Government Ministries and Agencies:

Meeting the Challenges of the Global Knowledge Economy:
Creating the 21st-Century Government Enterprise
Creating the Enlightened Government Enterprise:
Sustaining National and Regional Growth through Social Knowledge Entrepreneurship

Keynotes and Workshops (tailored for Government, Business, or Non-Profit Organizations):

Competing in a Billion-Mind Economy:
Co-Creating the 21st-Century Enterprise
Organizational Survival in a Volatile World:
Creating and Sustaining the 21st-Century Enterprise

Keynotes and Workshops (tailored for Government, Business, or Non-Profit Organizations):

Capturing, sharing, and applying lessons-learned:
Moving from a knowledge-hoarding organization to a knowledge-sharing enterprise
Building a "safe proving ground" for continuous learning and innovation
Implementing a knowledge succession planning program
Using IT more effectively through improved alignment with strategy, processes and competencies


Dr. Art Murray is CEO of Applied Knowledge Sciences, Inc., recently named to KMWorld Magazine’s list of “100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management.” He is also Chief Fellow of The George Washington University Institute for Knowledge and Innovation, and Co-Director of the Enterprise of the Future Program. A knowledge engineer by trade, he has the unique ability to capture and grow deeply embedded institutional knowledge. His many clients include government agencies, non-profits, and companies of all sizes. He sits on numerous advisory boards, including the Billion Minds Foundation. He holds a D.Sc. and M.E.A. from The George Washington University, and a B.S.E.E. from Lehigh University.

What they say about Dr. Art Murray:

Gain insights from over twenty years of university research and real-world experience. For over twenty years, Dr. Art Murray and his team have been helping organizations around the world transform themselves into high-performance, global knowledge enterprises. Here’s what some previous attendees have said:

“This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. I felt very motivated to use the materials… they will be of great help to the success of our team.”
- KMWorld attendee

“Congratulations. The meeting was a huge success, and we are reaping benefits already.”
- Don Franklin, Pres., Building Health Sciences, Inc.

“Dr. Murray kicked off the conference: ‘Strategizing for Government Transformation,’ in a dramatic, inspirational way.”
- Steven Else, Advisor, US Air Force CIO’s office

“A fantastic presentation and a great speaker!”
- Special Libraries Association, 2006 Conference Website


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