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Balancing Attitude, Reality and Behavior


Anne Barab, rumored to be the lost love child of Mark Twain and Lucille Ball, speaks to educators and consults with school districts that want to balance attitude, reality and behavior to craft schools of excellence. Her core message helps educators know how to:

  • Lead teachers through change;
  • Think like a leader in a NCLB world;
  • Thrive in the win/lose challenge of AYP;
  • Improve student achievement.

    Anne helps education leaders create learning communities where:
  • Kids learn more,
  • Teachers teach better,
  • Principals empower, and
  • Everyone grows.

Anne’s common sense strategies and dynamic speaking style anchor learning in the minds of listeners. Her entertaining keynotes and seminars are packed with humor and interactive exercises, which help educators focus on improving student achievement. She has energized and enlightened teachers, principals, administrators, superintendents and board members nationally and in 20 states. Anne began her career in the telecommunications industry, then moved into insurance, banking and financial services. She shattered the glass ceiling when she became the first female Chief Operating Officer of a $1.4 billion mortgage bank. Anne served three terms as an elected board member of a large, very diverse school district in Dallas, Texas. Her district was named one of the Top 100 school districts in the nation in a study conducted by The Wall Street Journal. She earned the Master Trustee designation from the Texas Association of School Boards Leadership program and has completed over 450 hours of board raining. She also served on the executive board of the North Texas Area Association of School Boards. Her board was honored twice as one of the top five school boards in the state. Anne’s service on this high-performing board makes her a compelling presenter for education leaders.

She’s written a book, The Leadership Path, and over 40 articles about education and family living. She is accredited by the Texas Education Agency and presents frequently for the National Staff Development Council. However, her greatest claim to fame is being married for thirty-four lo-o-ong years to the same engineer, having three children who are not currently in jail, and being voted Best Smelling Mom by her son’s first grade.

“You understand public policy-making because you’ve been there. You’ve walked your talk.”

Wisconsin Association of School Boards

“You convinced me it is my responsibility to lead from anywhere I sit on the bus.”
Texas Educational Secretaries Association

“Anne scored 4.9 out of 5.0 from the audience. A typical comment was ‘best ever’.”

Oregon School Boards Association

“Anne totally changed the mindset of my board president. Now he supports our staff development.”
Farrigut Schools, Iowa


Education Programs

The NCLB Survival System
How to Improve Student Achievement

The No Child Left Behind law is forcing school districts across the nation to reinvent the way they think, act and manage their organizations. Accountability legislation is re-engineering the face of public education – from curriculum and testing to staff development and compensation – every district must re-examine its management strategies. Anne’s three-term experience as a board member of a nationally recognized school district provides educators specific strategies for improving leadership, resource allocation, teacher staff development, and school district governance to improve student learning.

You Can’t Make Me Change Anything but my Underwear!
How to Lead Teachers through Change

With education on the political agenda, everyone is telling teachers how to teach. Accountability legislation, standardized testing, disaggregated test scores and AYP are making education professionals across the country feel angry and overwhelmed. Anne’s strategies and techniques help teachers reduce stress and adjust to dynamic change. Her enlightening program will enrich teachers’ personal and professional lives as they become more resilient, more confident, more resourceful and more enthusiastic.

Leading from the Back of the Bus
How to Think Like a Leader in a NCLB World

What’s happened to the credibility of education leadership? The media has painted educators as largely incompetent and our educational system as failing miserably. We know that is not true, but what must we do to change this perception and meet the Adequate Yearly Progress mandated by No Child Left Behind? Laughing about her public leadership life, Anne reveals principles of leading by influence and example that she learned as a three-term school board member for a high-performing district. She
challenges educators to think like leaders, regardless of title or position. Anne inspires people to discover the leader within.

Winning the Game of Education
How to Thrive in the Win/Lose Challenge of AYP

No Child Left Behind has changed the rules of the education game. Now schools win or lose every year based upon the standardized test scores of their lowest-performing students. What’s a teacher, principal, superintendent, board member to do? Focus of WHAT and HOW teachers are teaching and create a culture of learning throughout the system. Using the National Staff Development Council standards, Anne’s high-energy experience provides educators with specific strategies for creating the
right mix of resources and quality professional development to make Adequate Yearly Progress in student achievement.


“Anne convinced me it is my responsibility to lead from anywhere I sit on the bus.”
Texas Educational Secretaries Association

“We are using your strategies to become more effective agents of change with our students and their families.”
Dallas Independent School District



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