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Secrets of the Millionaire Mind ™

"You Can Build a Million Dollar Mindset and Make Lots of Money In Anything You're Passionate About! I did, and I'll Show You How..."


My name is Angelica Wagner and I sincerely want to help you succeed in life, and in business. I am very serious about your success.

Throughout the years since I uncovered the following formula, I have been blessed to share the stage with big names like Mark Victor Hansen, Robert Alien and Marianne Williamson. I have been able to be at the top of every sales organization I have ever joined. I have sold thousands of copies of my books and have trained with some of the biggest names in the world.

I tell you this not to boast, rather to show you what is possible when you have the right Millionaire Mindset. A mindset you can easily learn. I spent hundreds of hours putting my success system down on paper and am proud to share "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind™" with you today!


Some of the Secrets

• Discover how to treat your private life like Microsoft builds a business (look at what Microsoft can accomplish in a single year... you will discover exactly how to tackle any and all challenges you now face).

• You'll learn the 2 places that you can tap into to draw from the powerful success strategies hidden within.

• Learn the simplest way to create your own step-by-step success blueprint (one thing I really dislike is re-inventing the wheel - here is the proven blueprint you can follow to get what you want).

• Discover what lesson The Wizard of Oz shares and how you can use it to build unstoppable self-confidence.

• 2 things you MUST have if you dream of solid, even magical, results in your business.

• Never again worry about making a mistake in your life or business. The real secret is in learning how to value your mistakes and use them to succeed.

• You'll learn the 3-part formula to maximize your income and profits.

• 9 Steps or less to becoming an advanced networker - and have people calling you with new business on a daily basis.

• Discover the 5 fail-proof means of building your business in the quickest time possible.

• You'll learn the 15 commandments of professional growth and how to simplify them so they become second nature to your daily activities.

• You'll discover 10 dramatic promotions you can use to pLJt_cashJn.your pocket in one week or less (this alone can bring you more abundance in the next 12 months than you could possibly imagine. Simple, repeatable and proven).

• 6 Steps to making money with your phone.

• You will love the 20 ways to guarantee you keep your customers for life!


What they say about Angelica

"Honoring everyone's wisdom is at the soul of growth oriented corporations. Angelica's words capture the internal energy and heart of corporate values. Read it, if you want exponential growth in your company."
- Jack Canfield, Co-creator "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series, "Success Principles", and "How to get from where you are to Where You want to Be."

"Creating excellence lies in vision, mission and being on purpose." A delightful, humorous book with refreshing insights to creating massive growth in the corporate world."
Robert Alien
Co-author of "The One Minute Millionaire" and "Creating Wealth

The Women's International Club of California thanks you for your wonderful inspiring presentation to our members
Elizabeth Miller, President.

"Your book is an absolute masterpiece of golden tips to live a life full of abundance and success! Thank you Angela for sharing this with us I whole heartedly recommend this to anyone who wants more out of life."
- Troy D White, Best Selling author, Consultant and Speaker-


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