Andrei (Andy) G. Aleinikov, Ph.D.

Motivational Speaker
Scientific Pioneer

Raise new questions, explore new possibilities, regard old problems from a new angle.
-- Albert Einstein

Dr. Andy Aleinikov is a world-renowned keynote speaker, author, workshop and seminar leader who has entertained and inspired thousands of people across the globe. His unusual perspective, unique life experiences and dynamic presentation abilities have changed the way people think about problem solving, creativity, language, and themselves. Dr. Andy believes there is genius in every person, and he develops this genius to the point that it can no longer be oppressed. For over two decades, Dr. Andy has been helping people -- young and old alike -- look at themselves, their abilities and the world around them in new and innovative ways. With his commanding knowledge of language, creativity and the science of innovation, combined with his charming personality, delightful accent, original wit, and refreshing outlook on western culture, Dr. Andy not only inspires, but in most cases, changes the lives of those with whom he comes in contact.

Who is that wizard from behind theIron curtain?

    The "Father" of Novology, the science of newness and innovation, Dr. Andy developed his amazing intellect as a top student, scholar and leading scientific researcher at several of the premier universities in the USSR. He rose to the rank of Colonel in the Russian military and was selected as the first Russian to attend the prestigious USAF Air War College. After experiencing the freedom of American expression and exploration, along with the religious freedom afforded to his family, Dr. Andy defected to the United States and began the process of obtaining American citizenship.

    Dr. Andy has been published on every continent except Antarctica. He is the author and editor of over 100 articles and books on innovation, creativity, language, and leadership. He is the discoverer of Mega-Creativity and the universal formula of creativity formation. He is the founding president of the Mega-lnnovative Mind International Institute and is also internationally acclaimed as the originator of the educational system Genius.Dr. Andy has provided hundreds of seminars and workshops on innovative problem solving, motivation, verbal and non-verbal communication, and creativity for industry, government, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions. His original and non-biased perception of life -- from both sides of the iron curtain -- and his childlike exuberance with the wonders of the western world combine to create a truly enthralling speaking experience. Dr. Andy is definitely a "wizard" whose zeal and originality are unequaled.

Andrei G. Aleinikov, Ph.D. a.k.a. : "Dr. Andy" "Mega-Creator" "Crazy Russian"

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
-- T.S. Eliot

Dr. Andy has delivered over 1300 speeches and made numerous television appearances covering topics on creativity, language, innovation, science, and culture for business, military, educators, students of all ages, clubs and organizations.

Education and Fellowships

    Ph.D. Linguistics, State University, Tbilisi, Georgia, USSR
    M.Ed. Language Education, State University, Volgograd, Russia, USSR
    M.S. Creativity and Innovation, Institute of Technological Creativity, Azerbaijan, USSR
    B.A. English & German Languages, State University, Volgograd, Russia, USSR
    Postdoctoral Fellow/Distinguished Scholar Creative Linguistics, Ministry of Defense Military University, Moscow, Russia
    International FellowUnited States Air Force University, Maxwell AFB, Alabama

Expertise and Experience

  • Skilled and original educator who successfully designs and implements innovative educational processes in schools, colleges, universities, and other forms of adult education.
  • Internationally recognized scholar -- the author of discoveries, new sciences, theories, and concepts.
  • Successful consultant with a solid track record of innovative business and education related programs.
  • Skilled motivational and keynote speaker with extensive international experience in interactive engagement of audiences.
  • 1999 Recipient of the President's Excellence Award for Teaching, Troy State University, Montgomery, AL

Partial Client List :

    Alabama Power Company; Civil Air Patrol National HQ; Dana Corporation; Max Federal Credit Union; McDonald's HQ;  Procter & Gamble; Schlumberger Industries; Southern Company College; Thermalex (Mitsubishi & Insilco); USAF Air War College; USAF Senior NCO Academy; Northwood University(MI); University of Cincinnati(OH); Davis and Elkins College(WV); Alabama School Systems; American Creativity Association; American Society of Advertising Executives; Academy of Sciences; Creative Education Foundation; 6th International Conference on Creativity; 11th International Conference on Creativity in Colleges and Universities; Presidents Council of Montgomery (AL); American Society for Training and Development; Chamber of Business, Pretoria, South Africa; Rotary; Lions and Kiwanis Clubs and civic organizations nationwide.

And the survey said...

    "World's leading expert on Mega-Creativity"
     Dr. K. Neethling

    "Andy's presentation is the best I ever experienced. I would like to experience a better one-- it is impossible!"
    Lauren Van Staden, Professor
    Academic and Research Development
    University of Technology
    Pretoria, South Africa

    "Doors to my brain which have been locked for years finally have started to open."
    "Andy's commitment is contagious."
    "This was very exciting and interesting.
    Maybe even life changing,!
    Thank you, Andy! "
    "Andy is great!"
    Southern Company Workshop,
    Gulfport, MS

    "You have opened my mind to some completely new ideas which can be used as life skills -- not only in my business activities."
    Tony Jacobsen, CEO
    Burkert Easy Fluid Control Systems

    "Your presentation was very thought provoking and you're a dynamic speaker!"
    Cindy  Becker, Procter & Gamble

    "Fun, provocative and refreshing."
    Ann Herrmann-Neidi, CEO
    Herrmann International

    " Fun. Genuine. Engaging. You created an open, 'loving' environment for our conference opening. Thank you!"
    Claire Conway,
    Creativity Camp Director

    "Impressions: Boundless energy, generosity, playfulness, humor, organization, definition, challenge, confidence.
    Fascinating point of view."
    M.K. Myers, President, APPT Inc.

    "Dr. Andy was enthusiastically received with his high energy and creative learning concepts, which kept the students on the edge of their seats or out of them!"
    Prof. Tom Grooms, Northwood
    University, Dallas, TX


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